How is your weather?


This will be 3 years in a row over here. Hermine 2 years ago. Irma last year. Michael this year. Only good thing is all the old trees and dead wood are gone from the last two years…


Weather pattern is just garbage. Today was at least mild, but rain more or less all day…clouds///thick clouds all weekend. I would say out of the last 10-14 days…we’ve had one with actually sunshine for more then a few hours. Reminds me so much of December (very cloudy month here normally). It does look like Weds should be the end of the rain (finally)… Cold late week/next weekend. Definitely some frost (freeze?) risk in the extended late week.

Interesting watching the tropicals/subtropicals i have in containers. The Gardenia continue to bloom as do the jasmine…but the Plumeria do not like these chilly/cloud temps. The green tea and orange that i have both look fine…the green tea has some blooms on it. I also have a Heliconia (no flowers yet ///ever?) that needs to come in…not loooking too happy out there… I try to keep all this stuff outside for as long as possible because inside the mites will start partying in the dry warm house air.


Same here, the leaves have a bit of yellow and will probably drop in a month or so.

Here’s our 10-day outlook:


Weds the rain is moving on to here


low 40Fs for high temps both Thursday and Friday here…but sunshine…weekend FINALLY looks like a dry one.

Extended looks very Octoberish…not nearly as wet…mild…i don’t see any shot at any hard freezes in the future…maybe some light frost.

Newest NAEFS for mid/late October…showing below norm for much of the middle of country===flee to FLorida if you like hot and humid—


Low pressure sucks.


That low is bringing fall back to us


Next 4 nights should all be in the 30Fs up here.


Ah ha ha! Good pun, Richard.


Cold front has moved through here…AC has been flipped on.

Really leaning towards a solid freeze Monday morning. Probably will finish up a really soggy growing season for me.

Need to figure out what to do with my tropical pond lilly. Rapberries need to be cut. I’ll have to harvest whatever mint i can (spearmint).


The word “snow” has been seen


Currently approaching Minneapolis and Thunder Bay.



It’s snowing west of me about 40 minutes. Should be here relatively soon

Edit…yup, it’s snowing. Oh joy


Was cool now very balmy again. Time for a flu shot!


About an inch of snow on the grass/in the woods. If the ground wasn’t as warm and wet as it was, I’d guess we’d have 3-5". A bit early for this crap


Yum! Love snow…I hope its one of those years that we get 3 inches every other day for months on end :wink:

41F breezy with some flurries maybe here… freeze warning up for everywhere in the area.


A week from now should be back into the mid/upper 60Fs with sunshine.

Just looking…the 850mb temps for Monday don’t look quite as cold on this run…maybe upper 20Fs to around 30F locally…might escape (the few flowering plants i have left) another week if we can squeeze thru.


Saw first snowflakes of the winter here east of Minneapolis/St. Paul today.


A balmy 23 degrees here now.

edit…21 now. sheesh


“”“Only”"" dropped to 34F. Sitting at a blistering 39F with a hole of blue every now and again…and even a ray or 2 of sunshine. NOt much of that lately. Winter is about a month early.

STill on tap for a warm up late next week…maybe eek out a 70F depending on clouds/winds and all that fun.

Looking at the GFS…i really think a hard freeze isn’t coming for at least 2 weeks in this part…maybe longer. GFS is mild ish in the long range… Maybe my flowers have some time yet.