How is your weather?


Depends on how cold it gets . About a month.


I remember as a very young child we had a coal furnace and the coal delivery would come with a great racket and pour the stuff down into the bin in the basement, from which my father would feed the furnace - I’m not sure how.


With a shovel into the opening of the furnace. Many early houses were coal. Ours too!


I know some houses had automatic coal feeders, but this was a very tiny house - could well have been just a shovel affair



Lois then your mom or most likely your Dad shoveled . There was a door on the furnace. Always hated the smell of coal buring. We changed from wood to coal when we had our solar house in Maine. It was dirty and horrible! Glad we sold the house! Coal dust and soot would ruin every thing.


It was my father - I know that.

I always like to watch the “furnace-fighter” scenes in “A Christmas Story” - the clouds of smoke coming thru the damper


just had mine filled with kero @ $3.94 a gal.! just a hair under $700! ouch!


I planted brassicas early this spring and they were wiped out by the bad late freezes

This fall, I lost some but not all to the bad late heat waves. I put in some later plants, but they’ll never make it to heading before the killing cold.

Figuring when to plant is a crapshoot, hardest when you’re doing transplants


Johnny’s carries Cheddar and other colored varieties


Wow, our oil was that high or more three years Ago!


Now I’m feeling fortunate to have piped in natural gas.


I never understood the constraints on that in the northeast. I feel like most all midwest cities were likely retrofitted with natural gas at some point. Why not the NE?




Natural gas line runs less than a mile from my house. Not available here though. L.P. is probably as good as it’s gonna get for my lifetime. It’s fairly affordable most of the time. I just had my tank filled, 180 gallons at $1.69 a gallon. One winter L.P. hit nearly $6 a gallon here. I was sure glad I had filled up before it got that high (it went back down to around $2.50 by the time I needed a fill)


Our natural gas bill in September was $8.19 for 6 therms. I’m guessing most of it was the hot water heater.


thats what happens when youre at the end of the world and the closest interstate ends 120 mi. south of you. many burn wood but that isn’t nearly as cheap as it used to be. we go thru $2500 a winter on average. this year it will be quite a bit more i think. having a outside tank we cant use no 2 fuel oil because it will freeze in our weather.


good question! never even heard of it offered up here. and here is where its needed most! our electricity is insanely high also. with our electric hot water heater it runs about $140/ mo. comes thru canada.


NG gas lines here are run to small mountain towns when there are enough houses/businesses close enough together to make it economically viable. The ski resorts/towns generally get it, as well as some towns with populations of >1000 or so. Smaller towns or isolated homes forget it, you can get a propane tank.

We have propane, but for the most part rely on sun and wood heat during the winter. Lately been burning just under 2 full cords a winter. However it is really sunny here, and I suspect it would be double that if we were in a cloudy climate. Propane is only used for house heat when we are away, or if it really really cold and we don’t get up to stoke the fire at night.

From my comparison some years back, NG is the cheapest, with propane at about 2x of what NG costs, and electric at 2x of propane.


propane up here is even more expensive than heating oil. $30 just to fill a grill tank.