How is your weather?


It’s been super windy today and tonight. This afternoon, my wife asked why the deck umbrella was on the roof! It wasn’t even up, but it was so windy, it got pulled up out of its base. Glad it didn’t land on the car.

It’s supposed to drop to 32, but still only 42 at midnight. With it being windy and cloudy, I don’t think it’ll freeze.

Our power went out for about 10 minutes today, and has flickered a couple other times, no doubt due to the high winds. Glad I got my battery packs charged up after the first outage, might need them tonight.


Is there a power wall in your future?


Power wall? Whatumean?

If you’re talking abou this,, can’t afford it right now. But, it would be nice to have some kind of backup generator.


There are several designs and competitors. Older models only utilize DC input. Newer designs attach to the bottom of your electric panel much like a generator would, except that they store electric energy to a certain capacity and then discharge it when your service provider fails.


It fersure froze here overnite - and a wild snow squall yesterday

Somebody wants it to be winter


Rainy, breezy, windy and cold. :cloud_with_snow::snowflake:️:cloud_with_snow::snowflake:️:cloud_with_snow: feels like snow is on the way.


upper 30’s here and low 20’s to tenes at night. snow flurries. going to be a early winter!


Even though our temperature is currently matching the dew point there is no moisture to precipitate.




The only caveat I’d add to that would be to include “rural” Midwest. City people still freak out with a couple inches of snow in MN. Out here in the sticks the townships don’t even plow snow on the dirt roads until there’s a decent amount. Oftentimes I have to plow a path out to the blacktop using my F250 so my wife can get to work.


same for rural n. east. also wind is a big factor. 2ft. of snow here w/ no wind, compared to 2ft. w/ 10-20mph winds makes a big difference!


Just another “November” day hehe :sunglasses:


3 days of rain/snow mix in the forecast here. This time next week we are supposed to have highs in the 20s and lows in the low teens. Yippee :roll_eyes:


I do not remember so late and so wet fall ever since 1997, year I came to the country. I can’t even collect and shred the leaves - my chipper chocks on them when they wet. We dry them in my husband truck bed with cap - open it when rain stops. By this time I should already have at least 2/3 of needed amount for the year collected, shredded and stored. But we didn’t even started yet. And there is not much leaves on the ground around as well. And with Gypsy moth damage to oak leaves, not to much to hope for later in the game - oaks look transparent, though they didn’t even started to loose leaves. I have no idea what I will use to mulch my veggies with next year…


Another rainy weekend…this past week was perfect…lots of sun…frosty every morning but calm and sun most afternoons… Lots of frost but some plants are still green. The celery still looks good and the strawberry bed is still very much alive. I think the lowest temp in my yard has been mid 20F ish.

Pattern change coming? Looks awfully winter’ish

Much colder air then invades the region Tuesday into the end of the work week as a broad trough sets up across the CONUS. High temperatures Thursday into next weekend will struggle to get out of the 30s with lows in the teens. A few systems to keep an eye on too Thursday night into Friday with the potential for rain and snow.


Please send us a pattern shift!
This is suppose to be the start of our rainy season!!!


I fear that by the time the leaves are down, the ground will be frozen starting midweek


Leaves are still falling. The rains have started :frowning: Hopefully no snow until December


Not for us - no really cold weather on the horizon.


been warm and wet here but cold coming in tom. with high winds.