How is your weather?


Got about 1.5" of snow on the ground yesterday/last night. Single digit low temps in the forecast for the end of the week. Seems awfully early for this crap.


Winter has come


low 50’s cloudy and windy. cold front coming going to plumet the temps and measurable permanent snow seems to be on the horizon soon. time to put out the vole poison.


25F and windy and snow is blowing this afternoon…my pond is iced over. Roads this morning were bad. Accidents/cars off the road all over. Salt trucks out ----road salt season has begun!


LoL… yes…very early it seems. Avgs here are still upper 40Fs and we’ve been well below that all week … At least for here…next Thurs looks upper 40Fs…and the extended after does show a hint of upper 50Fs…so i’m going to risk it beause i have plants that need to be put in the ground and i’m not doing it until it warms back up some.


Droopy. Overcast Chilly about to rain. November!


Ridiculous fire weather here.



Temp in the teens here with a windchill right around -1. The long range forecast here shows we may hit the low 30s by next weekend. Oh boy



Low-mid 70’s for the 10 day window.


Too soon for this!


I agree! I voiced my objections, but to no avail :wink:


5in. snow tomorrow and more weds.




0 when I got up about an hour ago. At least there isn’t a breeze (yet). If this keeps up people will be ice fishing well before Thanksgiving.


Wow…that’ll make ice.

Dropped to 16F here…Coldest so far. Won’t be getting above freezing today. Kids are watching Christmas movies.


Humidity 8% ?!? What is that like?!?


The time has come…for winter ops. The poly goes on today.


Chapstick and Cera Ve hand cream.


Down to 20 last nite. Time to put the agribon over the strawberries