How is your weather?


Way too cold here …i need to pot up some plants in containers and the stupid ground is frozen…i’ll have to use dynamite.


Light snow turning to rain later, but the white stuff is definitely falling! Ugh!


Can’t rototill


low 20’s here. teens at night . cold for nov. even here.


We should be around 41F but we’re not. Our first snowfall of the season is happening right now. It’s still very early for this part of Canada.


32 now, and we just had a brief snow squall roll through. Big wet flakes fell for about an hour, left about a quarter inch on the deck, and a light crusting on the grass.

We got freezing rain last night, but thankfully no power outages. It changed over to a heavy cold rain around daybreak and rained all day, such dreary weather.

I was hoping to plant my 3 potted apple grafts, but it’s way too sloppy and cold for that, so I put them in the cellar for now.


Still ridiculously dry – humidity ranging between 7% and 32%. Temperatures are 55°F to 75°F.


I don’t have one anymore. I never used it so i let the junk collectors have at it.

One winter i kept my low tunnel up and the soil inside never froze completely…worked pretty well in sping because normally the ground is a giant crater of ice.


Mine is usually a mudhole, which is why I prefer to till in the fall


Installed Nest thermostats yesterday and humidity reads 27%! I’ve stopped running exhaust fans in my showers…


Are the fires anywhere close to you?


Same here after 3.25" rain in the last 3 days. Still planning to plant some winter stuff under cover today, but I’m ‘no dig’ so I just dibble a little hole, plant, cover and all is good.
Besides being out of the question due to lack of strength, shovels and rototillers take the fun out of gardening for me. :relieved:


No. There’s potential for some 10 miles away but they would not get closer.


Yes, we got the snow, sleet, and rain.Then thevtrmps went back upbto 50’s. Down to the 30’s tonight! Thank goodness modt ofvthe snow is gone ! Really don’t want it!


Clouds all day…snow coming this evening…a couple inches to an inch…looks heavier south…Iowa folks might be surprised with some fun road conditions. Stuck in the low 30Fs all day.


got another 5 in. maybe a few more overnight. its unofficially winter.


Oh my. According to PurpleAir, CA’s air quality is the worst in the whole world.
I hope lessons will be learned and something good comes of this so it won’t happen again. So so sad to happen here.


They will occur more frequently.


Hoping and praying for inspired solutions.


A solid inch here…enough to cover everything a little but the grass is still showing some.

Looking ahead…to finish out November and start Dec…looks very normalish for the period. Cold in most of Europe…brrrr …