How is your weather?


They do controlled prairie burns around here every year - there are hardly any flames involved


Today was mid 20Fs but was freezing with the strong winds. Yuck. Sun early but clouds rest of day. So much cloudiness this fall…and cold…and rain…and blah.

GFS still looks snowy. I’d say anywhere from nothing to a foot…gfs might show 6 to 10 inches starting Sunday into Monday. Wet sloppy stuff too…temps right around freezing…AFTER would be Arctic cold…with possible subzero readings (not fun).

Euro shows a snowstorm too…


This will be fun for traveling on Sun/Mon


59°F at 7pm, Disneyland


12z GFS pushed the heavy snow about 100 miles south. The Euro looks a tad further north. Definite shift south. Iowa/Illinois need lots of heavy wet snow :slight_smile:


Happy that the snowblower is coming back on Fri from the service place


Chilly, threat of snow tonight. It’s pretty blowy here in RI on the sea, and very grey in the sky. Waiting for Mother Nature’s blanket of white snow! I can wait! Hope its not a duvet!



Fersure lookslike winter!


A low of -3.5F last night.


Holy Kasmoly!!! No Thank you…Brrrrrrrrrrrrr


Noon gfs kicks the snow even further south. Nothing here. Missouri/central IL storm now. Lets hope. I don’t want any snow :sunny:


A balmy 30 today and maybe 5-10 degrees warmer tomorrow. Then the bottom drops out again…highs in the 20s and lows in the teens (or lower) for the ten day. Yay?


A few rainfall stats for system moving through California

Camp (Butte county) Fire: 0.7 in. Wed, 0.2 in. Thur.

Woolsey (Calabasas area) Fire: 0.2 in. total

Vista, CA: 0.1 in. total


12f windy. -8f windshield factor. ducks and geese won’t even come out of their coop!


some is better than none! CA needs a break! praying for the fire victims.


-2F @ 9am. We had a low of -17.2F @ 5am.


18F this morning. Coldest thanksgiving in a century. Whatever was green so far is no more…


In northern California, a storm total of 1 inch is a lot. Likewise in southern California a storm total of 1/4 inch is a lot.


Snow shifting back north.