How is your weather?


Wow…it has been wet here and i’ve seen 13 inches of liquid since SEpt 1st…

Have you seen the drought conditions in Germany?> The rivers there are literally drying up.


About 1" of rain is predicted for our location this Thursday – we’ll see what happens.


Another weekend low pressure system heading towards the area…looks awfully wet…should stay liquid/maybe change over to snow…Sat/Sun.


Finally a little more rain on the way. We picked up .01" so far today, with another .35" supposed to in the forecast for tomorrow.


Incoming to the San Diego area … maybe.



It’s been going off just south of us. It looks like SoCal is going to get a (well deserved) drenching this time. Thankfully.


Fall has finally arrived here.


For sure.
I just picked my last 5 Wonderfull poms this am. Of course citrus keeps rolling along. And surprisingly a few tomatoes are gradually ripening.

Upper 50’s for the next 10 days or so.

We got lucky, and outperformed our predicted high for the day. (no complaints, mind you)


Same here!


Thankfully some rain made it to our location. We received 3/4" total.


NIce! You guys really needed it after the last few years.
We squeezed out .67" in our rain shadowed location.


Do you grow grapefruit? I’ve noticed that grapefruit (and other citrus) have become very cheap to buy. Tis the season.

Big blob of precip heading up from the south. Temp of 36F with strong winds. Ground is frozen. This should be interesting mix of snow/rain/freezing rain/sleet/etc etc… This fall weather pattern has sucked big time. We had clouds every day this past week. Finding a sunny day has been a needle in the haystack the past 60+ days.


Latest weather model… this is why bears hibernate.



No, just 2 limes (Bearrs, and Mexican Lime) Washington Navel orange, and Meyer Lemon. I may try to add a Mandarin in the spring. Grapefruits are a little too tart for our taste buds.

Citrus trees are indeed cheap. 4 Winds growers supplies many of the nurseries and a decent size tree is normally < $29.00 and produces within a year.


Yeah…seems like you love them or not. We really like lime/lemons too… Nice that you can grow them…i’d be all over that if i had the climate. I have a grapefruit seedling…maybe some day i’ll try grafting something to it.


Yeah we are very fortunate. We actually have high enough heat for Grapefruit & Washington Navel (which require the most heat of the citrus’) which coastal areas can’t grow. This is also why I can grow poms, but coastal areas struggle. And we stay just mild enough during the winter to avoid damaging cold. It’s a fine balance, and the main reason commercial citrus growers are about 30 miles south of us. Plus the land prices are about 3X lower in the central valley.


… in your locale. But just a mile inland from Cayucos CA and Morro Bay (up Morro Creek) it works fine. Many other niches and long extents on the coast exist south of Oxnard too.


True. I was more referring to NorCal. Sweet oranges - nope. Never going to work in SF, Pacifica etc. At least not very tasty.


Snowy day today with about 4 to 5 inches on the ground.


Wish I could send our rain to CA! Pouring!