How is your weather?


Can you take some of ours(rain I mean)?
This is how my yard looks like pretty march every 3 days of 4 for about two months now:

I am afraid my peach and my plum may not survive this winter with that puddle in between them. And if you look on the very right part of the picture right above white beam - it is not a lazy brick work. It is my soil sunk at least 6 inches deep on the area about 10 sq feet. The yard has natural slope toward top-right of the picture that was raised with boulders, gravel and clay compacted with heavy machinery… This year all the clay liquidized and I guess filled possible holes, making soil level to sink. And the house was not built last year. It was built 15 years ago…


I didn’t know grapefruit needed that much heat. I see the grapefruit i bought are from Texas. 5lbs for 3 bux… can’t beat that. The navels i bought were like 3 for a buck (i’m guessing from California) are excellent.

Hundreds of years ago citrus trees were a status symbol amongst the European nobility :wink: with their orangeries.

When i get down to Madison (about 2 hrs from here) they have some citrus growing in the big greenhouse there.

Around 2 inches of snow here. NAO is set to go positive…usually means cold in the east when that happens this time of year.

NAEFS is about normal around here…with some warmth building into Canada. Nothing extreme either way for the next few weeks…more of the same it would seem.


Your trees look great though!! :heavy_check_mark:️:ok_hand::+1::100:


More rain in the forecast for our location:


You guys need some snow!


Some San Diego snowfall would be great… 6 inches at the San Diego zoo :snowman:

Looks cold late week here…Starting Thurs a quick blast of cold…maybe subzero to wake up Fri morning. Trees need to be moved in this week. That will be fun.


Late week GFS this afternoon drops an inch+ of rain on Los Angeles…


Hmm … NWS forecasts it for early AM Wednesday in LA.


Yeah…looks like it comes in pieces…heavier stuff is later… Looks like should be done by early Friday.



GOES 17 is suppose to become fully operational Dec 10th so should be able to have some hi res real time sat imagery from the west coast/Pacific Ocean in another week.


Hmmmmm…i won’t hold my breath but the forecast does show something shiny in the extended range… This cloudiness must die.


They said that for last week - didn’t happen


Ugh, back to the cold, cloudy and dank weather, after a nice sunny 65 degree day on Sunday. We got almost 2" of rain Fri/Sat, the ground is super squishy. I’m willing to bet that last month was one of the wettest, coldest Nov in these parts.

Some snow forecast the next 36 hours and temps not getting above 40 for the next week. A system is coming in this weekend, could be more snow, or rain depending on its track.


The weather forecasters here missed a nice glaze of freezing drizzle this morning around 5am or so that made the morning commute a bit a of challenge.

The city and county roads were very slick. The state DOT was on top of things though and the major highways were treated.

It appears the city and school district were caught flat-footed, because buses went out to pick up kids for the middle schools and high schools and they were taken to school. But they delayed for elementary schools and eventually cancelled classes. That is certainly not usual policy. The difference is that very few kids get bused to our elementary schools (have to be >2 miles from the school).


Icy roads are no fun. Just flurries here all day…nothing accumulated. Cold’ish…but seasonal i suppose. Lots of that sloppy wet rain snow that fell this weekend has turned into glacier already…lots of slippery spots to fall and break a bone.

Tomorrow the SUN may come out. We’ll see. I hope the NWS does a write up on the cloudiness this year vs past history.


Extended up here looks really dry…nothing really popping until day 8 to 10. Lots of 30Fs/upper 30Fs in the extended so maybe we can get rid of some of this frozen slop. Tough melting anything in these short/low sunshine angle conditions…


We are still plenty moist from all the September rains, but here comes another 5 inches…Capture


What is this SUN thing of which you write?


“Ain’t no sunshine” – Jose James