How is your weather?


Definite spring time shorts weather here


Got down to 18 yesterday morn, and 17 this morn. The heat has really been running a lot, and I keep it at 64 during the day, and 59 overnight. Wow, I hate the cold already, and it’s still a week or so until winter. Our electric bill for Nov was about $130, we used about 1200 kwH, more than this time last year.

Good thing is after tonight, no more freezing temps for at least a week, with highs in the 50s and dry. Wx for Christmas is supposed to be a bit warmer than normal. Fine by me.


I totally understand your feeling that way. Here though the cooler weather is a welcome change to most of us from the blistering heat. I have a place in West Central Florida and one extreme North Florida. The weather in the winter is quite cooler in the North of the state only 2 1/2 hours away and I really enjoy it. Fortunately it is rarely under 25-30 though and some years we never even get a frost. I do love the cool down though. I planted maples and ornamental pear trees and Robinson crabapple just so I can have some distinct color change in fall! I will say I miss the beautiful fall in Ohio. But that’s it…


i went down to my sons graduation from the Marines at Parris island, SC, 2 summers ago in mid july. they were having a heat wave. was 100f every day with 85% humidity! i nearly died! brought back memories of my Army basic in alabama in august but was even worse! id rather be cold than deal with extreme heat/ humindity. felt bad for the construction workers , working in that. guess they get used too it.


A pretty sweet day for almost mid December.
Note the range in temperature for the day.


It was 28F this morning and it felt mild compared to the last few.

Extended looks “mildish” and very dry. Should see plenty of above freezing days. No hint of any Arctic air right thru Christmas.


we have a warm front moving in fri. could get above freezing for the 1st time in a month and a half.


Even though I complain about the cold, I don’t think I could handle the summers in the SE. I had a couple vacations in Myrtle Beach both during the Labor Day holidays playing golf. The heat and especially the humidity was so oppressive, I didn’t know how folks could live there year round. Yeah, you might get used to it, but why bother? My hat’s off to anybody who choose to live in the South.


We just had the longest dry stretch since August. 10 days of no rain or snow. It’s been nice but about to end.


Overnight fog and low temperature of 45°. Clear skies in the morning with dew sublimated on car windows.


Looks like Goes17 is up and running…

11:45 cst

Clouds and clouds and some more clouds here… mild though. low 30Fs. I will take.

I had to shorten the URL because it’s a mile long…but here is a link to play with some GOES17 imagery


Today’s forecast: clear skies with daytime temperatures about 70°, night time in the 50°’s.


41F and sunny all day. Nice change…same tomorrow…cooler Monday… rain/snow late next week.


hit a balmy 35f today. warmest its been since mid nov.


Darn near 50 today. Crazy warm. We’ll take it



65F and hazy here today. Expecting .7" of rain tomorrow!!!
Yippy :cloud_with_rain::umbrella::umbrella:

Quick edit: Looks like zero days with any temps in the 30’s for the 10 day window. My bananas just may make it to the new year with green leaves still in tact lol!


Beautiful morning here…


They Say this mild weather should last out the month


Even warmer today than this time yesterday. Forecast calling for 40, but it sure feels warm out there. Last day to wear shorts in 2018 I think :sunglasses: