How is your weather?


I LOVE the shirt!


More sun today…3 days of sunshine straight…one more tomorrow with temps in the mid 40Fs. Looks like a good shot of rain after that. The snowcover is just crusty thin ice at this point.


It was near 40 degree here yesterday. On the drive back from my kids’ Christmas music program we saw a man in a t-shirt and shorts, out shoveling!


64° this afternoon - still ok for watering orchids outdoors :slightly_smiling_face:


Next Thurs/Fri the GFS shows almost 2 inches of liquid precip. A rainstorm to end the year.


I think we are on the 6th or 7th day of thick clouds. This crap gets old. I now understand why people flee to warmer sunny climates in winter time. Phoenix (73F sunny) and Miami (71F) this afternoon sound nice. Snowing lightly this morning.

1st week of the new year…nothing really unless you are in 4 corners region/texas (below avg)…


Yup. The older I get the less I enjoy winter


I don’t think I could take it again. I love my home state Ohio but I only go back for funerals now and I pray they don’t pass in winter…


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After the huge storm yesterday!


If we keep on getting so much heavy rain, my yard is going to look like that. ENOUGH ALREADY…
We really could use some drier sunny days.



Looks cold, Mrs.G. A nice lobster bisque would help! Please send photos. :grinning:


Of the lobster bisque? The waves were amazing and the water was a dirty jade green color. A color not seen often here. Mostly blue-black water. Dramatic. Will post more after the next snow or storm.


I shot this at the State Park parking lot, about a half mile house from Jay Leno’s house he just bought, right on the sea! ‘Hurricane Hut’! There are cars lined up to see if he’s coming in or out. Too bad!


The weather guessers say we may get a big storm Wednesday-Friday, then the bottom drops out of the thermometer by the weekend. Hope they’re wrong on both predictions


We’re forecast to have rain for Christmas morning. Yippee!



I’m not big on the holiday season. I would flee from about Dec 1st until mid Feb if i could. I suppose i could just drive out into the Sonoran Desert and just car camp for a few months.


That is 100% correct. Looks great thru double/triple pane windows with furnace running full blast.

Heavy rain late week here…then mild thru 1st week of jan… sure doesn’t look snow or cold…


Why car camp with these winter Sonoran destinations:
Palm Springs - Indio
Ciudad Obregón


Sounds fun to me…If i afford it i might try it…