How is your weather?


I transplanted a mulberry Friday during that “balmy” sweet spot of the afternoon between the time the top frozen crust of soil thawed enough for digging, and before the sun set. I normally wouldn’t be planting so late in the year but it seemed like an optimistic way to start winter before things are frozen for good :slight_smile:


my sons stationed at yuma ,az. went to visit last spring. there are rv parks everywhere out in the desert there. half of canada snowbirds there.



A white sprinkle, but no White Christmas, will have to watch the movie, AGAIN!


it sure is sparse. if it wasn’t for the military bases, there wouldn’t be anything there.


Christmas Day in Newport RI, about to sit for luncheon. Very sunny outside, but looks are deceiving here as it is cold, in the 30’s. No snow or frost in sight. Was hoping for a white Christmas, as my new dog has never seen snow! I’d rather have the snow now than in April! Have a great day, hope you all have sunshine too!


Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays!
It was sunny for a few hours here. There is something like .5 in of snow outside and 30F.
Greenhouse on the other hand hit 61F today. Some succulents between the dormant bananas and figs.
Merry Christmas everyone!


In the middle of a three day sunny spell, before another 3 to 5 inches of rain. We are already around 20 inches over normal this year. It is supposed to rain for the next 7 days. The ground can’t hold any more. It all goes into the creeks and rivers, causing flooding.



Clouds again today. Rain incoming later. Probably around an inch. A lot for this time of year. Cold shot next week, but short lived. Back to normal’ish temps afterwards.


My fig dropped all its leaves maybe 8 weeks ago…it is growing new ones now. The grapefruit seedling is also growing too…which is surprising given the only sun they get is out the sliding glass door (which faces south). I gave all my plants showers about 2 weeks ago. I take them right into the shower. They are cleaner then my kids :wink:


Hmmm…looking like the coldest air so far this season makes an unwelcome new year visit next week. Doesn’t last long but maybe the 1st subzero reading here.


About 5-6" of new snow on the ground with another 5-8" predicted. I got the first batch plowed and hit the woods with the ATV to pack my trail system. A high of -4 and a low of -17 next Tuesday


All rain here…yard is flooded…i might try to pump it out because it’ll be an ice skating rink. Temp should come up to about 46F this afternoon. All snow is dead around here.

Snow chance Monday. Cold shot looks very in and out next week. A taste.

Weird winter so far.


Yikes!!!:astonished:. :tired_face:


I’ll be off hunting last week of season. I’m thinking it couldn’t be much better than this…


About time!


Or buy skates


It has rained all day. This is horrible. It does look on radar that it is rapidly coming to an end…from south to north.

La Crosse avgs 26 days below 0F. Record is some god awful 58 from 150 years ago…i think 2013-14 had a ton of them too. We are currently at none…so we got some making up to do.


Just plowed another 4" or so. The wind is really picking up, it’s gonna get ugly out there. The plus side is that our township already plowed the dirt road we live on. They run on an alternating schedule, so the first one plowed this storm is the last one plowed on the next snowfall (one road grader for the entire township). Lucky us that the schedule worked out how it did or we’d likely be stuck here until Saturday morning. I don’t think I could plow this much snow (wet heavy crap) the 1.25 miles out to the blacktop with my F250.


Going into the 50’s again tomorrow and Saturday. Go figure!!!