How is your weather?


Raining again, shocking, I know. At least it’s a balmy 45, so no frozen stuff, at least.


It was 45F last night here and it felt balmy outside.

Next week cold to start and then a rapid warm up…back into the 40Fs a week from now.

There was large pool of water in yard yesterday…gone today. Ground must have thawed enough for water to drain thru? Sure didn’t evaporate.


That’s like


snowing. 2’’-5’’ predicted… back to sub 0 next week.


First snowshoeing of the year today. It’s tough to tell with last night and today’s 20-30 mph winds, but if we didn’t get a foot of snow yesterday/last night I’d be really surprised. Beautiful out there…even with a double digit below zero windchill


A balmy -24 this morning. Luckily there’s no wind. Wouldn’t take much to push a windchill into the -30s or -40s.


Bright and sunny 47 degrees today. Yesterday 55 degrees but pouring rain entire day.


Still raining



We’re at none and forecast to have none the whole winter

This doesn’t bode well, except for the heating bill


22 days this month have been cloudy here… Avg temp is running +7.4F…so its been very mild, but oh man has it been cloudy. Today will add one more.


Holy cats…sitting at 22F here. Our permanent cloud deck is keeping the heat in. Looks like clearing is well west of here iN central MN…


Just looking again…i highly doubt we drop below 0F Weds morning…single digits for sure, but with no snow…GFS has warmed some… not likely. The next chanc is not on the models as of right now…even single digits aren’t looking very likely in the next 2 weeks. Going to be the most snowless season i’ve seen in some time.

The naefs shows more of blah for middlish Jan


Ya, when our thermometer said -24 this a.m. the tv channels all had 12-15 in the cities. Clear as a bell here, sunny and “beautiful” (from inside the house) Pretty much has to be clear to hit that kind of low.


Lack of snowcover also helps. I think it adds about +10F on temps most of the time.

Amazing …Michigan no snow? what…


The L.P. of MI has no snow, but the U.P. sure does.

I’m in the 12-18" range here in central/west central MN


Little digging…Some way below, others not so much for Michigan. I would not want to live anywhere that avgs over 100 inches of snow a season! I think we avg about 40 inches here…more then enough.


Clear skies, daytime highs in the low 60°s and predawn lows in the upper 30°s.


It’s been a very wet year here, although we had enough of a dry spell in early summer that we had to run a water hose out to our gardens. But, other than that, yeah, it’s Seattle East. I checked our local climatological data for this area, Columbus, OH (~150 miles away) had their 2nd most wettest year, at 54", and Cincinnati (~100 miles) had their 4th wettest year at also 54".

We have had so much rain over the last couple months, that the soil hasn’t really dried out hardly at all. Hate it, but like I said, no real snowfall yet.

It got almost to 60 yesterday, so I took advantage of that and pulled up what was left of the tomato plants, and all the stakes that were holding them up. I threw all the plants onto our big brush pile that we’ve wanted to burn off for a couple months, but it’s been too wet for that.

But, back to the high 30s today, so it’s long john time for me again…


Another 3-7" of snow in the forecast from tomorrow night through Monday.

I’m ready for spring already


Chilly out in the deserts this morning…

Look at Key West…waking up this morning to a balmy 77F…