How is your weather?


We started the New Year with 66°F at midnight, been rising ever since. Now at 74°F at 2:30…and yes, it is still raining::cry:





We hit 81 in Tifton, GA. This doesn’t help my apples and pears that still haven’t dropped their leaves.


My apple trees look like they are ready to break bud and still haven’t dropped their leaves.



I have carrots in the ground about ready to pick. My trees seem to all be trying to decide whether to go dormant or bud. I was about to go about pruning but am concerned to do it now. It appears it will cool here in a few weeks. I’m thinking I will then.


My apples have given up on being deciduous.


Wettest year on record for: Wilmington DE/NC, Pittsburgh, Reading, York, State College, Scranton, Baltimore, Louisville, Lexington, Atlantic City, Columbus, Raleigh, Asheville, Boone, DC, New Bern, Elizabeth City, Roanoke, Wheeling, Charleston, Danville, Lynchburg, Greensboro, Elimira, Green Bay, Sioux Falls, Mason City, Waterloo…

Hopefully it drowned some pests.


Definitely feelin’ it. Got 1 large and 2 small dehumidifiers for the house. I had to keep the windows shut even when it was nice due the moisture this year. Never had so much mildew show up - would not have been so bad w/o air-conditioning b/c moisture condensed on the cool surfaces which created the mildew. Did lots more laundry and house cleaning to keep up with it. We usually have abundant moisture but this year was kinda over the top. Each year has it challenges that we are not prepared for, but hopefully now we’ll stay a little drier on the inside, at least.


Pests sure aren’t going to freeze


Thermometer has been pegged at 24F all day. This is our second episode of freezing fog in the last week. Pictures don’t quite capture the full effect. A steady east wind built up the ice crystals all on one side of objects,

The next to last picture is my pecan tree. It’s about 40ft tall and still has about 100 lbs of pecans hanging in the tree. Can’t see them for the frost.


Very pretty Steve. We are in the 40s for the next week or so. I have a feeling it is going to be an early Spring with some late Frost.


That’s almost a sure bet here. We’ve already had way more cold than all of last winter. It can’t stay like this until March or April. Never does. In fact it’s going to be 70 by Friday.


Great pics! Thanks for sharing


We have got all the rain that our friends in California are missing, and they have all the warmth and sun that we miss… I bet @Richard would love to trade some of his sun for some of our chilling hours :blush:


So beautiful - if treacherous


looks like the hoar frost we get on real cold winter nights.


Coldest morning of the year for us. 28F Brrrr.


It reached 40° predawn here, but a few miles inland in Escondido it reached 27°.


Wow, that is beautiful. Game of Thrones wire fence! Thanks for the pics!


Still raining :unamused::cry: Trees waking up.