How is your weather?


We recovered to a balmy 29F for our overnight low last night :grin:
But, it looks like that’s it for the really cold stuff. With “real” rain in the forecast our overnight temps are in the 40’s going forward (thankfully).


At least it’s an apple. Those buds can power through some freezes. You have me paranoid…I need to check my apples.


Yeah, David. I need to go to Ison’s to pick up my vines, but almost afraid to. I would hate to plant them, and then get a brutal cold blast before they acclimate and adjust to their new home.



It’s ok for apples.


I have an order of 6 muscadine vines sitting fully exposed in pots (they were ordered bareroot). Last weekend they were fully dormant, but I can check for you tomorrow when I get back. I suggest “heeling” yours in some composted mulch in a sheltered spot. Make sure the mulch is not actively composting and giving off heat. If you use mulch, you will need to water frequently in this heat. If you have a big pot you can probably—depending on how many you purchased— fit them in there with some potting soil or pine bark fines. It may be a good idea to rewrite the label with a paint pen or something better than a sharpie. I use metal tags and an engraver.


I plan to go pick my 11 vines up tomorrow, if nothing happens and the creek don’t rise, as they say. My
order was placed in Nov., as bare root, but since I am going to pick them up, they will be in pots. They are the same plants, they usually just shake off the dirt for shipping. Being in pots, I can just keep them in my greenhouse until I am ready to plant. My green house has open sides, which are only let down on cold nights…say below 40°f.



The lowest temperature in San Diego County this morning was 23F on Mount Laguna, elevation 5,738′. The local news is calling it a “winter blast”. :laughing:



Last year nearly the entire month of Feb. was HOT! Our daily highs were near-to or in the 80’s. My pecans were coming out of dormancy towards the end of Feb. Two persimmons were blasted by a March frost. I’ve never seen a persimmon get hit by frost prior to this. They recovered well, but no fruit.


Yeah, last year, almost all my temperate trees were in full bloom or post bloom by the end of Feb. Then WHAM!!! 24 degrees wipe out nearly everything in March. I had a few Asian Pears and 6 peaches last year out of nearly 30 trees. Lots of small, black plums and nectarines on the ground. My citrus trees did pretty good though.



I have 4 grafted loquat in full bloom at the moment. I have my fingers crossed for temps above 27 F for the remainder of winter. If I need to, I plan to fill some 55-gallon drums with water and tarp these guys. I may even make a bamboo teepee :wink: since the loquat trees are on the smaller size. I’ve decided smaller is better. If I can’t reach it from the ground, it’s getting lopped.


… it’s literally for the birds. Might as well lop it.


We had four inches of snow on Monday, then overnight lows this week dipping to 12 degrees, now warming back up.
Tonight’s forecast was more like 32, and it will warm up nice tomorrow. There is still snow where there’s shade, but where the sun shines we’re back to dirt.
Maybe the apples will get enough chill to bloom nice this year.


It’s…still raining…here…Reports of …drowned frogs… are coming in. I can’t …find my boat…It was in the yard last night…I don’t…see my car either…who put that…lake there.:grin::rofl::wink: I dumped my rain gauge last evening, now it has over two inches in it…At least today is supposed to be the last of it for a few days!:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:




TWC just reported that we have had only 4 sunny days since Dec. 1. I must have missed a couple of them…



One year ago.



34 for a high yesterday and two more days with highs around that temp. I’ll take it


Really hoping nothing decides to wake up with these temps! Great weather to build an arbor for my muscadines. Hoping these suckers behave as well as my Champanel and Black Spanish.



It stopped raining for a little while, but we are supposed to get more this afternoon. Good thing, the mud is just about to dry out. :thinking:


Low of 36°F this morning.