How is your weather?


cloudy but temps near freezing over the weekend. back to the single digits mon.


Pure joy on the horizon!!! :umbrella::umbrella::umbrella:


More rain!


Could hit 50F here today…first time in a long time.


Rain in our forecast for today. Yippee!



Looks like we might be skipping winter again…


35° counts for something, but the truth will be in the chill hours.


We were also supposed to get a descent amount of rain today. I wouldn’t build my hopes up. We got about 30 rain drops and the sun has come back out. There is only a slight outer band still out over the pacific to come on shore.
A complete bust for NorCal


WAY too premature for that kind of talk. Hell we had mid 70’s for a good chunk of last Feb, until our coldest night of the year hit Feb 25th at 26.4F Extremely unusual for us that late into winter. It defoliated my fully leafed out bougainvillea, and fried my bananas.

But I hope you’re right (with the exception of rain).


We had some real good chill last year in Jan. And Feb. A few later frost in March too. We have had a bumper crop of winter rain. I still have carrots in the ground. On ly one frost this year so far this year. My winter rye is sure pretty right now though… Your right though and Richard chill hours and time will tell …


Got another dose of rain last night, with even some thunder! We went a couple days without rain, I was starting to get worried.

A strange bright orb blares down onto us today, it’s so, so, very bright, almost blindingly so…


I wonder …



Seemed to be moisture starved. The main low seemed to split in 2 as it came onshore. Here in Livermore we are almost always rain shadowed at the best on times. But this “storm” was a MAJOR bust. 5-10mph gusts, and the sun is back out with the main front already behind us.


This concerns me… Peach…

Asiatic Lillies…
Butterfly bush
Grape Hyacinth…
Garlic …


Hmm … perhaps you’ll have to “go western” and install irrigation?

And yes, those plants coming up so early is another “problem”.


Magnolia buds are starting to break


Awful. So much moisture, everything is soggy. Lichens and moss are going crazy over all the moisture. Weirdly not cold. I’m going to guess that next USDA zone map update is going to be 8a for the MD coastal area I’m at.

Its oddly distressing, I can remember snow and blizzards in November and December as a kid. Now? Maybe January or February, but only maybe.



Not good.


Its everywhere, I think some is growing on the metal mesh table outside, its got a greenish bloom on it.


I had irrigation for my first garden and flowers in 2018. It rained so much I had stuff rotting in the garden. I planted seeds that rotted and the rosemary and lavender almost was wiped out from so much moisture. I decided to just do weekend watering this year and only water what absolutely needs it. Seems I’m only going to need to have any irrigation during drought times. Rain here is seriously not an issue the last two or three years…