How is your weather?


Here comes the next storm!



I sure hope this one lives up to the hype. As mentioned, yesterday was a dud for NorCal. I heard parts of SoCal overperformed. That’s a nice flip, for a change!


Rainy here. I much prefer the liquid moisture to the fluffy kind.


It dumped about 3/8" overnight here. It looks like the current storm is on its way to Utah.


I’d take that. It’s very light rain here in my rain shadowed location, with a paltry .07" so far today.
However they are wishcasting another 1.00" to arrive later today with the heavier front.


Another sunny and beautiful day here, high around 70. I saw geese flying north today.



This is our warmest Winter so far in the past 10 years here, 6B. Maybe 5 nights with single digit lows, many nights in low 20’s, only one snow that barely covered the ground,and then Bam! A week in the 40s and dry, followed by a week in the 40’s and constant rain, and now a week with daytime temps in the mid 50’s and nights in the mid 40’s. I’ve got violets blooming, daffodils up 4 inches, and insects out. No bees of course, but moths, adult grasshoppers(never adults in Winter), and ladybugs. The Peach buds are swelling along with the Apricots. Those Apricots are always early and suffer the late frosts, once blooming the 2nd week of Feb here in 6B, but usually early March. I took advantage of the sunny day to crawl around and do some badly needed weeding. Accidentally dug up 4 Tree Frogs and 2 Toads, so quickly "re-hibernated them, seemed odd they were only 2 inches under the soil. I lost all to late freezes last year, hope it’s not a repeat this year. This is my 5th year expecting Apricots, so of course I’m again confident this is the year!


We had .27 inches overnight of rain…45F right now. All snow gone again. Ground is frozen so water is pooling again.

Sat was beautiful with low 50Fs and sunshine.

GFS hints at real winter temps after the 20th…we’ll see. NAEFS is mild. What a strange winter.


We wrapped the weekend with a very respectable 1.10" of rain. And typical high 50’s - low 60’s aft temps.


Thanks to a few days in the mid 30s and a bit of misty rain this a.m., a bunch of snow from the south side roof of our house came off a bit ago. No idea how many tons of snow it was, but it sure was a PITA to get rid of. I do like our metal roof, but when a foot or two of snow comes off…it’s pretty dangerous.


Don’t like the weather in MN, just wait a little bit…it’ll change.

Today a wind advisory with steady winds 20-30 mph and gusts to 40+. Below zero windchill tonight and single digit highs tomorrow.




We had three days of sunshine and 70’s, now below freezing for the next 2 nights and rain for the weekend.



Yep. Same here!


Chilly this afternoon, but seasonable. Going back into mid/upper 30Fs in extended range. There is more or less no snow…even shaded areas are snow free in my yard. GFS has no precip until after the 20th… looks like a long boring stretch…sun was at least back out today.

I don’t want to jump ahead, but it would be interesting to see if we get below 0F this month. Not very common around here (no subzero F days in Jan) but looking possible. We had one winter back around 2000 or 01 that we didn’t go below zero until March…

Jan so far is running +11F for the month…lol…




So far, this winter, late Nov., early Dec. has been colder than Jan. We still have a couple more months of winter. Last year, we had a very warm Feb, most all the trees bloomed ,then a cold early Mar. blast. I have apple and pear trees breaking bud and peach tree buds swelling now. Crazy weather…



High in the 20s tomorrow, a week from tomorrow the forecast is calling for low single digit highs. Still have around 12-18" of snow in the woods. Pretty much a “normal” winter here so far.


6f with a -18 windchill!


Snow mostly gone here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Sunny day.