How is your weather?



That sounds painful :thinking:


Geezuz… I just planted my second round of garlic…:relaxed:


That was the weather we had on Tuesday or Wednesday. I snowshoed a couple miles in those temps, not bad in the woods but out in the open it was bit cold.


got about 5ft. after the thaw we had in dec. that melted about 18in. skiers and snowmobilers are very happy.


went to check my ice shack. was brutal on the lake! 4-5ft drifts. blowing about 25mph!


Getting a small but respectable snow storm in eastern CO and the foothills. 5-10" predicted at my location. This will be the biggest in several weeks, maybe more than a month. All the previously predicted storms ended up missing us or just giving us a dusting (different story for the high mtns and SW of CO).

We can use the moisture and some snow cover on the ground.


if we didn’t get a lot of snow here many of my plants, even though hardy to this zone would suffer damage from desiccation. last winter was unusually cold and many larger conifers that were unprotected from the NW winds had damage or died. I’m lucky as my property is protected on the NW side by large norway spruces that have many dense low hanging branches. also the shade in the afternoon protects my plants in the summer, from the heat of the day.


If this were to verify, there’s going to be a lot of unhappy campers!
Yes, that’s a -31F peeking into the model.:snowman_with_snow::snowman_with_snow:




The -29 is pretty close to my place. We get a number of lows from -20 to -30 annually. Had a couple -34s last year in the general area


3AM Lightning! Thunder! 1/2" of rain! It’s party time here! :tada:


won’t be long before thats here! been another brutally cold early winter but we haven’t seen the daytime temps into the -20’s like we saw last year at this time. lots more snow this year also.


Holy crap!!


You guys keep getting all the rain. Not fair!! A paltry .01" fell here with that system, east of the Diablo range.
Santa Barbara looks to be in the crosshairs of some potentially dangerous flooding, and debris flows with the systems coming in next week. NWS is already starting to issue possible evacuation advisories.


Local forecast.



Will you wash away?




No, but I’m hoping everything gets a good washing.


This is what we have here right now. We lost most of what we got, have only about 6" left on the ground and I’m concerned there’s not enough snow cover to effectively insulate the ground from freeze / thaw cycles. Hoping for some good heavy snowfall.