How is your weather?


What the heck?Yes,that is horrible,but it’s things like this,that should make people stronger.Not pleasant at all,


Looks like you’ll see that -30 tonight and then some. Did you happen to go outside today, and if so, what was it like?

Checked on Bemidji and it’s already -30 with -41 forecast?!?


Fargo has declared a state of emergency


What will most likely happen to trees listed zone 5 if they see temps of -25?


Woah… Not good… Be safe


-15F here…dropping quickly… beach volleyball weather.


I doubt -25 will do it, but I’ve read about temps getting cold enough people report hearing the trees crack and split in the night.

For sensitive trees like peaches, -25F could very well kill them. I’ve read temps as low as -15 killing peach wood. I’ve also read where peaches survived -25 just fine. I’m talking about mature healthy trees here. Young peach trees are much more susceptible to cold.

I suspect it has some to do with the varieties and some to do with how dormant the trees are. Right now trees should be in maximum dormancy.


Ya, if we don’t see mid -30s I’ll be a bit surprised. -29 right now. I was outside for awhile today. It was brisk :roll_eyes: A person wouldn’t want to be out there unprepared, that’s for sure

Minnesotans call Bemidji “Brrrrrmidji” for a reason. It’s friggin’ cold up there. Just think, there’s another 90 minutes - 2 hours of MN north of there.


Oh ya, the woods will get to cracking when it’s -25 or lower. Even native trees like aspens, paper birches, and young burr oaks will have frost cracks after cold spells like this one.


I’ve got 13F in my garage… I put a sensor out there to keep an eye on my container tree temps. Milwaukee lakeshore is the warm spot with -2F… They still look to go down to near -20F.


Wax, the sensor in the garage is a good idea. I put a thermometer in there one winter out of curiosity, and the temp in there wasn’t much different than the outside temp, even with a fireplace on the other side of the wall. Some of the garage walls are even insulated.


Looks like it bottomed out at -34 here. Thankfully the wind slacked way off, so the windchill is “only” -53


Last polar vortex, 2014, a neighbor’s peach trees were killed

I didn’t have any at the time. Now I’ll see how hardy Mericrest is. Tonite we’re supposed to go down even lower, to 27.


Lois, do you remember how cold it got then?


The paper had a list of record colds and put that one at -16, for Chicago, tho I recall it as being closer to -20. But the spell lasted longer.

I don’t recall if we had a good snow cover that year.



When I went to bed at about 12:30, it was 18, I got up briefly at 1:30 it had gone up to 23. I checked the radar and there was some snow off to the NW, but didn’t think it’d do much. There was no snow on the ground. Well, this morning we awoke to 2" and about 12 degrees. It got down to 10 before rising to 15 now.

No school today and I doubt there will be tomorrow.

With snow on the ground now, that previously forecast 4 degree low will now prob be below zero. Wondering how my blackberry canes will handle this cold.

Curious what @warmwxrules, @Barkslip, @northwoodswis4, @applebacon and others got down to this morning.


No power in those temperatures would be brutal. I really don’t even want to consider the possibility.

Much thanks to all the people that have to work outside restoring power and the like…!!


The orchard we visit a lot over in Paris lost most of their peach trees in 2014 or 2015 because of the cold. They said it got at least down to -20 that year if not lower. It might have been in '15 because it got down to about -15 here.

Because of the usual late freezes, they had no crop in '17 and maybe 20% in '18.


Wow, that’s just inconceivable. Gone out for your daily stroll yet? Do y’all have pets, and if so, do they stay inside during cold like this?