How is your weather?


Paris TX right? I’m surprised it got that cold in Paris, TX or France. Minus 20 in Paris TX? The all time record in Amarillo is -13F. I saw -12 there and there was no damage. Amarillo should be colder than Paris but those extremes can by shewed.


Our real temps got to -5 last night with 25mph winds leading to a -29 real feel. However i think @smsmith had an actual teml of -29. Lake Michigan shore is 11 miles west of my small town of Custer (2010 census has our population at 285).

We have a crap ton of snow though in the last 48hrs. Its still snowing, plus its so cold it dont stick any where and its blowing 20+mph through tomorrow so it moves like the desert sands…

Live look out my front door…


No, sorry, I should have said Paris, KY, about an hour NE of Lexington, and about 2 hours west of us. It’s not a very big town, maybe smaller than Paris, TX, which I’ve been through a few times.

Paris, KY is in Bourbon county, go figure.


Wow, that’s wild. I bet walks out to fill the boiler is fun, yes? How often do you have to fill it?


Nope, my fat behind is staying inside for the most part today. Yes, we have an outside dog and cat. The dog has been inside the house for a couple days now. The cat usually sleeps in an thickly insulated box I built for her. The box is on the south side of the house, so once the sun comes up it gets warm in a hurry. The last two nights we moved her box to the garage.


Here are the temperatures from suburb chicago


I had -26F or -27F last night …looks like winds kept everything mixed so most areas were around the same tmep locally.

low temps

Tonite should have good radiational cooling…no mixing.



A buddy of mine lives just north of Madison, WI. He had -26 this morning. That’s pretty chilly for that area


My garage temp sensor showed 3.2F for a low temp…so far so good. It is somewhat insulated (ceiling/garage door) plus there is a car in there…


Normally morning and night, but this is way colder than we normally are and im leaving shortly to help a dairy farmer so im gonna put another piece or 2 in before i leave. It actually burns way more effeciant in any temp below 32 degrees.


For those experiencing these brutal temps, I just wanted to say you’re in my heart and prayers and I hope you and your family (and your fruit trees/bushes!) make it through this ok. Many of you are facing seriously dangerous temperatures and really feel for you. Those I read about without electricity- well that is just life threatening combined with these temps! As someone who had my basement water lines break in 6 different places last winter, I also hope you don’t have to deal with that- don’t forget to leave those faucets dripping and cabinets open and so on.

This is just brutal- I would think even wildlife would struggle in temps of -25 and colder!!! Take care of those pets too. Not sure what else to say but this kind of weather is just a bit scary and unsettling and I worry about some of you folks.

BTW, here on the KY/TN border, about 25 miles north of Nashville, we are at a balmy 15 degrees ABOVE zero- nothing at all serious. Good luck to the rest of you.

OH…if you are all safe and sound in spite of the extreme cold, how about someone post the obligatory video of warm water thrown in the air and freezing b4 it falls! ha


Meanwhile, farther north …



-22 and -35 windchill is my low last/night.


-23 and -35 windchill before midnight and then it’s going to go to -23 windchill at midnight and head toward -20 for the morning windchill.

Dogs paws get ice in them quickly in this kind of weather so you need to watch your dog every second they’re outside. If they get ice between their paws they simply stop moving which I assume is for fear of breaking their legs. So you gotta watch them closely at all moments.



I covered my 3 potted peach tree’s with plastic and put a light in just to be on the safe side. My 2 outdoor peach tree’s are completely buried in leaf piles and covered in snow, so, hopefully they’ll make it. Almost noon, sunny, and it’s still only -26.


I almost forgot about you Mike, where are you in MN and how cold did it get last night? Prob be colder tonight, yes?


Just north of Minneapolis about 20 minutes. Not sure what it bottomed out at last night, but tonight is supposed to be even colder. I’ve had it hit -30 in my yard in past years, but I don’t remember ever seeing it this cold in the middle of the day. Your PAF will probably be toast, they can’t handle much below 10F. But you have a long growing season, the primocanes will come up from the roots and give you a nice crop this late summer and fall.


I put a space heater in mine last nite, near the water pipe. That garage has never frozen, but there’s always a first time.


Ok…i remember you have done this in the past? I buried as good as i could a few trees…but most of what i have outside is exposed… i still have my potted trees to hopefully produce fruit.


Oh, I’m sure the crop is toast. I just wonder if the tree will survive. It’s a young one