How is your weather?


-26F in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this morning. Right now at noon it is -16F. That is the coldest I can remember it being mid-day. Usually we get radiational cooling to get the -20F temps, but wind was howling here as it was where @warmwxrules is.

It is supposed to be colder tomorrow: -31F is the forecast low.

No trees in my yard now, so nothing to be damaged. I hope the trees I moved last spring to a temporary site will survive since it is about 40 min south.


I’ve been trying different forms of tents to protect my in ground peach tree’s unsuccessfully since 2013. Last year, I buried one branch in leaves and got peaches for the first time from just that one branch ( I’ve gotten a lot from potted tree’s kept in the garage). This fall I completely buried a Reliance and Contender in leaves. I hope it does the trick.


You perfect it and then i’ll copy :wink:


I’ve got you to thank for all the peaches I have managed to produce. You gave me the idea of keeping potted tree’s in the garage all the way back on the GW forums.


I’ve heard of pruning a peach tree to stay close to the ground, then covering it with leaves. Maybe I will try that. I actually ordered another Contender to get enough for free shipping in a moment of weakness. I had told myself never to try planting peaches any more after losing several trees. I’ve also heard piling on leaves can encourage mice, so trap well. Klondike, what varieties of peaches do you keep in pots?


Yeah…i’m still perfecting that method! I will give this tip learned last year…don’t leave them inside garage too long in spring…i think what happened last year is they got so dried out in there that lack of moisture killed them. I should have got them out earlier and got some water on the roots.


I’ve done great with Blushingstar, after a few years of good production it was getting pretty root bound and yields were dropping. I wanted another but Starks was out, I currently have 1 Redhaven and 2 Elberta in pots.


Klondike, are yours dwarf peach trees?


I checked my order history, the 2 Elberta’s were standard (they were on sale for like 8 bucks). I figure being in a pot (half whiskey barrel), will have a dwarfing effect anyway. The Blushingstar I had great success with was a dwarf.




-16F here… the main channel of the Mississippi River was mostly ice covered this afternoon…Either some blowing snow downriver or maybe “smoke” from open water…lots of current through this stretch and doesn’t stay frozen very long//only during very cold stretches. I wouldn’t walk out there.


Glad this is about over with. Saturday it’s going to be 40 here and Sunday I’m going to cut scions at a comfortable 49-51 degrees all day and all thru the night.



I went out to plow the wind blown snow off the driveway and found my plow truck battery dead. I had used it yesterday and it seemed fine. Hooked up the charger and it started to bubble…it’s frozen :confounded: Time for a new battery. I’ve got a trickle charger on the “every day” pickup. I guess I’ll be picking up another trickle charger to go with the new battery.


Do you use a block heater? I swear by those things. About $30 for the last one i bought and it just threads into the frost plug int he block of the motor.

GFs has what looks to be mid 40Fs and rain by Monday. This will be a mess if/when it comes.

School cancelled tomorrow…4 days straight.


I almost feel guilty residing in an area where we have yet to see a hard frost this year, and probably won’t see one either.


Nope, no block heater. The battery is 6 years old and must not have gotten fully charged the last time I ran the truck.

The last I saw, one local school district has a 2 hour delay tomorrow morning. I think that’s what most schools will do here. The low tonight is forecast to be -35, but it’s supposed to get to -6 tomorrow and no crazy wind.

The long range forecast I looked at last night has us back to the minus teens and twenties next week with below zero highs. Saturday and Sunday are in the low 30s though. Bust out the shorts and tank tops :grinning:


Don’t feel guilty on my account. I chose to live here and could move (and may) whenever I want. Central MN is full of the nicest people you could ever meet and is a beautiful place to live…for about half the year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Chicagoans are very much enjoying this rare opportunity of the temperature colder than South Pole and turned it into creative water art festival​:scream::joy::joy:


Regarding my blackberry canes, the PA Freedom and Traveler are rated to zone 6, and I think my Osage and Ouachita are rated to z6 as well, so these temps will be pushing the envelope for sure.

Zone 6a is -10 to -5, and z6b is -5 to 0, so we’re in the danger zone. I know the wind chill today has been well below that so does that mean that is more relevant or is it the ambient temp?

The Triple Crowns are rated to z5, so they should be OK, but I’m more worried about the deer (or rabbits) gnawing on the canes. Found about a 6ft cane today chewed off. :angry:

My wife and I made our predictions for tonight, it’s 9 at 6pm. She’s saying -1, I’m looking at -5 because it’s mostly clear with no wind and a bit of snow cover. Loser has to jump in the pond.

Hah, just kidding…


We got out and went down to the local general store this afternoon to get out for a spell and have a lunch snack. It was nice to sit in the dining room where a wood stove was going, giving off a warm, cozy ambience.

Anyway, on the way home, there many winter scenes along the country road that made for some nice pictures: