How is your weather?


I think I said if it’s -45 I’m leaving, as -45 is the temp at which L.P. gas quits working. Either way, I sure don’t want it any colder.


Really. I guess it starts to gel at those temps? What about folks further north where it’s really cold? How do they keep their L.P. from freezing, would burying their tanks help to avoid that?


I guess L.P. actually boils at -45, not freezes. I’m not a science kinda dude, so I can’t really explain why it ceases to function.

Many co-ops north of here sell LP tank blankets, so that would be something that most folks in areas where -45 is possible would be wise to have.

I’d also guess that a great majority of folks where -45 happens with any frequency have at least a back up woodstove. My dual fuel set up of electric infloor and LP forced air should also provide insurance of some sort…but if the electricity goes out at -45…I’d be screwed.

I don’t know about burying LP tanks, that is certainly a possibility I’d guess.


In the 35 yrs. I lived in Cedar Rapids, that was the coldest,-26, I remember. A bunch of wind with that too.
The big news/talk radio station in Des Moines is predicting +54F on Sunday. Crazy…
Second winter in a row we hit -20.


A person can pile snow over the tank if there is enough snow. That helps insulate too…assuming that the lines aren’t exposed elsewhere.


Not sure what happened while I was sleeping but at 7:30 this morning it was -16 and the windchill was cold but nothing like yesterday. I think it was -22 or so. Now I’m dealing with snow. Gonna have to do my driveway and all the paths again and including a place for the dog to go to the bathroom which is a big rectangle. My driveway has to be 120 feet long.

Zone 7a. That’s the place for me. If I was starting over again, that’s it.



They suspended mail delivery


last winter was as cold as you guys got in this snap except it stayed -20’s during the day for 40days! my supposedly z4 hardy goumi froze to the ground and my z3 autumn olive died to the snow line. my fuji died of what looked like fireblight on the bark of the trunk but i suspect the cold wind did the damage. it was a VERY long brutal winter.


Worse this morning, but not much wind, so it was easier on the human body.

-33F was the actual temperature. Probably the coldest I’ve ever experienced.

My dad had -29F 40 miles south of here. I convinced him that some folks on this forum put christmas lights on their trees and cover them during cold snaps in the spring. He said he had -7F under the blankets on his peach trees. He might have saved a crop from them.


I decided I better drive my car around a bit to keep it warm!

LOL! This is a photo Toronto Joe posted on Ourfigs, it says it all!


Today we had over an inch of rain plus a double rainbow :slight_smile:




Cool, I saw one once too, took a photo also. It was over the St Clair River… One is very hard to see but the other one was cool as you could see where it started.

The land you see in the first picture is Russell Island. It marks the divide between the North and South channels of the St Clair river. A very mighty river indeed. This is the North channel. The south channel is deeper and the freighters use only the South. The photos were taken from the Mainland. Algonac MI

The current is 4 knots and the water is fed into the river from Lake Huron. Photos were taken 08-14-2012.


Interesting in both photos of a double rainbow the sky is brighter under the rainbow. Quite dark between them too.


We had a major electric “event” this morning. 9 transformers blew and thousands of people are without power. They say power should be restored around 11 a.m. At least it’s much warmer today. First time above zero in days




Apparently, yes

It involves two utility companies as well


Strange.I am not an expert on power,.but it is a common sense that there is current protection circuit build in. Blew at a same time, I couldn’t think of other reasons, but a higher temperatures rated (narrower temperature range) component might be used without knowing?


No idea. My guess is lack of appropriate investment in maintenance. Not a lot gets invested in greater MN, most of the money gets spent on the 7 county Twin Cities metro.


Agree very likely the case. It’s sad