How is your weather?


I like the all wheel drive technology that will shift acceleration to where it is needed. I thought it would not work well, but it does. It knows when it’s slipping and slows those tires.

I’m not sure what you guys do in Mn but here in MI we will drive anything in the snow, I agree you need whatever you’re driving equipped properly! I have a place on an island, no car ferry goes there, the river is unsafe to drive car on so we walk. We keep golf carts there and drive them around!

Here’s my place

The ice breaks up and the current pushes it along the shoreline, you can’t drive a car here. We do have snow mobiles too, but need the golf carts in the summer, so adapted them to all weather vehicles.


OK, in terms of crappy drivers, lets put some stats to this.

My daughter lives in SC. She says it’s horrific how many pedestrians are struck by cars there. It’s the third worse state of pedestrians struck per capita. Not only do statistics prove it out, but I’ve driven there. People speed like mad and don’t obey the traffic lights at all.

I once sat at a stop where it said “no right on red”. Nobody was obeying the light. It was like the sign never existed.

My daughter has been in two wrecks there (neither were her fault, and one was a hit an run - the other driver didn’t obey the traffic signals and struck her). I can’t imagine how these folks would drive if there was ice/snow on the road. It would be frightful.


I tihnk they call them “picker” boats are something like that. I know of a couple of guys who had them years ago. Also some guys use airboats on the ice. Some people just drive out as far as they can and walk. Others use sleds and even ATVs if the ice is thick. With open water in winter you can just land your boat and use that to get to pockets of ice or up by the dam.

GFS is “mild” this next week and beyond. Looks like more typical Feb weather. Very nice.


That is incredibly cool!!!


I had a 4wd pickup in high school. It was fun (5 speed manual) but tires were everything. If you don’t have the right tread, you aren’t going anywhere. I remember i had some banana peels and my buddy had a 2 wd pickup (new tires)…same make and I couldn’t keep up with him in a snowstorm and i was in 4 hi…

My brother has Nissan Rogue and he has a set of winter tires (blizzak type) and that thing is amazingly good in snow/ice…(its all wheel drive to). I think good tires beat anything 2 or 4 wheel drive…weight also plays a factor…heavier being better. Trucks advantage is clearance mainly in heavy snow. Subarus are excellent winter cars. My minivan was always very good in the snow…plus it can haul a full sheet of drywall/plywood and still close the rear liftgate.


We are on Roller Coaster weather! It’s 13 degrees F here tonight and by Sunday - next- Wed. It will be back in the fifties. If it had happened in January, we would have called it January thaw. The huge fright to me is spring snow and freezing temps. Sure looks as if its going that way, eh Lois? Go Pats!


Wow, I can hardly believe the weather you are having. It sounds amazing (and a little scary). I wish I was there to see it!

Over here we have just had the hottest January ever recorded. The forecast for February to April is above average temperature and drier than average for almost the entire country:


Current Forecast for northwest Vista CA.


The globe it is out of wack


34F now…feels tropical. That is +65F from the other morning…not a bad turn around.

Rapid City, SD has such an crazy climate… From t shirt to parka

Rapid City sits a little north in latitude as my city yet can have these incredible warm winter days …


Isn’t that great for all the agriculture out there? The stonefruit must be close to blooming in some areas?




Well with January in the bag, we had a pretty typical month;
Looking back, and looking at the next 10 day!


Today my daughter and two of her Girl Scout friends set up a booth outside of a local gas station to sell Girl Scout cookies. It was 17 degrees this morning when we were there. It was brutal to stand out in the cold selling cookies. Half way through they were so cold they started to cry and wanted to give up. Mothers decided to take turn and take each one of them inside to warm up for 5 minutes.
At the end came out of it alive and sold 24 boxes and $12 in donations.


Around here, every supermarket and local bank allow girl scouts to sell cookies inside. Never seen any girl scouts here are out in that weather here.



Most of the places we sell also allow us to sell at least between the doors, where the cart area usually is. This local Wawa is small and even after we asked to stay between the two sets of doors, they said it’ll be too crowded :frowning:


Now that’s some kinda funny there Richard. Im sitting on my tractor reading and loudly openly laughed out loud!


all 3 of my dogs want to do just that! they gave me that look since nov.! :wink:


Today is warm with a light rain. We took down a couple big sycamore branches, and I’m going to get out in my berry patch and start clearing dead canes.
I have four of my sixteen hens laying eggs with the increase in daylight, so I guess I can go take the fried chicken recipe out of the coop.