How is your weather?


More precipitation for us in Utah. Our snowpack is looking good which is great news. Last September it was reported that we had the worst drought in 10 years after several low snowpack years.


About an inch of snow here…some sleet mixed in… Walking in the yard will put you in a wheelchair…all the ponds turned to ice skating rinks and now its covered with a layer of snow.



A low of 37°F here at 7am.


Another chilly night for us too. 30°F overnight low.
Thankfully, only one more really cold night before more rain arrives to warm our overnight lows.


Its like 27F and misting/raining or something… not good. Took me like 20 minutes this morning to clear my windshield. It was almost an ace ventura hang the head out the window situation…which i have done…many many years ago…when i lived in an apt and had to be at work (my boss was like the boss from Office Space…dont’ be late)… i was like 1 min late in 3 years and i still got talked to that 1 time…place shut down years after i left.


Snow elevations in the San Diego, Riverside, San Bern., and L.A. county mountains are down to 4,000 ft.


4-8" tonight and tomorrow, then lows of -17 and -22 tomorrow and Friday. The highest temp in the 10 day forecast is 17


Snow is still hanging around on the hills


Probably get 6-8" of snow here in the foothills. Further up in the Mtns getting quite a bit more (feet). Cold is the the real change, -3F right now, probably will get down to -6F tonight. And close to that tomorrow too. Not all that cold compared to what the folks up north are/have gone through, but pretty cold for us these days…

Edit: Actually got down to -13F last night. Coldest night of the season so far.


GFS shows 6 to 7 inches here now…i thought we were going to miss this one…ughhhh…we just melted most of that last one. Now its coming back. Cold Sat morning too…probably -15F to -20F…


Looks like the same here.As a person gets older,do they hate snow more?bb


Three days straight of sleet and freezing rain here. Garbage! No fun commuting in this.


I remember my buddy in high school spinning his tires on glare ice in front the school…think the speedo was reading 85 or so…well he caught dry pavement finally and ended up throwing the timing chain… if i had a time machine i’d go back and relive the 90s.

Phoenix was only 56F today? yikes…brrrr…



thats july weather in n. Maine!


It’s a bit above average even for us. I’m going to get a little aggressive and hope we don’t get anymore than one more frost this year. I’ll be planting stuff in the ground this weekend… I expect one or two more cold snaps but then again…maybe Not… Not usually a gambling man but the forecast says gamble…


Half a foot of new snow on the ground and snowing heavily.


Same here…it’s really heavy right now…white out. Roads are going to be complete garbage at supper time.

If you minus out May/June/July…the last year of weather has been awful here…just garbage…if its not raining, it was cloudy…if it wasn’t cloudy it was -30F…and now its rain/ice/sleet/snow… probably be 90F in April and then have 20F in May :sunny:


About 6-8" of fresh snow on the ground overnight and this a.m. Still snowing with another 3-7" in the forecast. The wind is picking up now and it’s a borderline blizzard. Windchill warnings kick in later today with -40 possible.

This has been a rough winter, and we still have 2-3 months to go. Schools are out of snowdays. I bet they’ll be extending the school year here, probably be a bunch of P.O.'d parents who’ll have to re-schedule vacations.