How is your weather?


Depends on what the station put in there. Some of the windshield washer fluid is only good to around 20 degrees, some is good to -40 or lower. The cheaper they go, the easier it freezes. I pulled into a station during the polar vortex of a week ago or so at an actual temp of -30. The windshield cleaning fluid was still good to go.


It was warm here , then we had a thunderstorm,then it got down to ten degrees and snowed. I’m sure they don’t use expensive antifreeze windshield fluid here. It will thaw tomorrow when it hits 40 degrees


Tonight’s forecast is minus seventeen. I’m glad I haven’t done too much zone-pushing in anticipation of the Global Warming that hasn’t hit here yet.


-13F here…but calm. ALready up to 0F…so the temp is rebounding quickly. Sun this morning but i see some clouds out there from warm air advection…

Looks like a WET week coming up…snow.rain.sleet ice…have no idea…temps look iffy (upper 20Fs) and then late week look to warm into the mid 30Fs… so it will be slop whatever falls. The mid Feb system looks incredibly wet for Feb… like an OVER an inch of liquid.


Bottomed at -24 around midnight. Up to -1 now. Hopefully last night was the end of the really cold nights. Lots of snow in the forecast next week. I hope the forecast is wrong.


Looks like next weekend might be the next chance at low single digits but nothing extremely cold showing up on the model until after the 20th. The scary thing is the NAEFS continues to show just record breaking cold in W Canada and the NW Usa… Washington/Oregon/MT the Dakotas all look to get the brunt of the Arctic chill…


The cold that should be over the north pole is going to be situated over the NW USA… those fruit trees out there are going to get tested me thinks. Polar Vortex NW edition:

This covers the 17th to the 24th of Feb


We got 4-6" of light fluffy snow last night, on top of glossy solid ice. Treacherous out there! I parked my butt in the snow at one point, but fortunately it was in slow-mo with no pain involved. The dog was pretty entertained by it.


Weather in west central Missouri sucks right now, it’s cold and icy.



Beautiful sunrise over the Rockies this morning! We have a high of 38 with more snow heading in this afternoon.


Snowing here all day…maybe up to 4 inches. more snow all week long. snow snow snow…

…days are getting longer…




Well it seems sometime after midnight tonight we are under extreme weather watch for like 48 hrs, forecast is 18 inches of snow (lake effect) and extreme blowing of 35+ mph. Lawwwd Jesus!


“Houston…we have a problem”… record cold across much of the US as we get late into the month?

I can’t remember the last time i’ve seen such a COLD look to the naefs. Cancun and Cozumel look toasty.

Up to 10 inches of snow in the forecast for tonite/tomorrow…we are rapidly nearing are avg snowfall for the year after having like none to start Jan…


HOW record cold are they saying now?


that map is getting old! another 12in. tom. been single digits w/ constant windchills down to -20f! bout ready to move to my cousins farm in central MO! no place left to put this snow!


I feel for you folks out there man! We have snow and cold but not to your levels.


i have a friend of mine that shovels roofs in the winter. he’s been averaging $1500 a week tax free since the beg. of jan.! says he’s in the best shape of his life at 47! the young ones are too lazy to do the work he does. he tried hiring help but they are more in the way and always want to take breaks.


Give it a few months…it’ll flip red for us… Its just insane seeing that kind of cold. Early spring in Europe.