How is your weather?


That is dangerous stuff…i’ve done that! I actually saw a neighbor the one year up on the roof with a small snowblower.


I’ll just quietly leave this here …:sunglasses:


around here 82 is sit under the ac weather! might sound crazy but id rather be cold than hot. at least you can put on clothes to stay warm. when its hot its hot! wouldn’t mind year long gardening tho. a local farmer around here, farms potatoes in the summer here, then goes to northern florida for the winter and farms potatoes there. says he does well as there aren’t many potato farmers in florida.


Looks like we may be skipping winter again this year …


I need to better learn about what winter crops I can get away with. I did carrots in October and picked them in January and they were really quite nice. I’m thinking cabbage, carrots, turnips that I can think now but I know there’s many more…


FL vs southern CA zone 10.



Interesting…most likely much lower humidity. I keep a gauge in my camper and all the windows open. Sunday ranges from morning 37% to afternoon 77%…:astonished:


Snowing…again. Snowed Sunday, snowed yesterday, snowing now. This is getting really old


Iced up overnite - just now starting to melt


Sun is out in Central Texas for the first time in at least 2 weeks, and it is GLORIOUS!


Up north, it just keeps on coming…


I share your pain @SpokanePeach but that picture is awesome!

It’s snowing out so hard even a yeti would be confused which direction he’s heading.


Here’s a source of the San Diego “snow” I mentioned earlier.



It’s changing to rain here


Midwest are blanket white



Newport, RI, one inch of snow. Rain to start soon for about four hours. Snow will disappear! Yessss!


This evening I learned that Bozeman MT has been too temperate this winter for our friend so she’s going to Antarctica for 3 weeks. :cold_face:


She should hurry - summer’s almost over!


Rain and snow today and rain tomorrow, that should make a mucky mess. The weekend is supposed to be clear with highs in the mid 30s, hopefully I can get into my berry patch and start clearing canes and adding supports for new ones.


After the snow stopped we had non-stop rain for hours. Buckets of water! Now this morning we have an ice skating rink for a terrace and steps to match!