How is your weather?



65f breezy and partly sunny today. found a wild blackberry growing in c. maine on a outing along the penobcsot river today so it was a great day! hopefully the cuttings take!


We got lucky and picked up 4" of rain in an isolated thunderstorm. Needed to do some dirt work this year but it looks like it will need to wait.


4" of rain here from a single thunderstorm would be something like a 25 year flood!


We were expecting a scorching hot weekend in the mid to high 80s but then all the smoke from the BC Interior forest fires (127 right now) blocked the sun and kept us around 72 F. This was a real life demonstration of what would happen in a nuclear winter or if enough smoke and ash covered the Earth and cooled everything down. Instead of being sweaty and hot, it was actually reasonably pleasant.



I consider a scorching hot when it is 100 and above. Mid 80s is supposed to be pleasant and low 70s is cool. Go figure. :grinning:


low 70’s is average, 80 is hot, 90 is scorching here! I’ve only seen 100 1x in my 46 yrs. bought my 1st ac 6 yrs. ago.


About to pour for at least five hours! Yay!


Cool and cloudy today, after we got abt a half inch of rain overnight. It’s just around 70, but will warm up later in the week.

I lived in north Texas for almost 30 years, and I don’t miss the normal summer heat we had, in the 100s for about two months, virtually no rain in the summer, no real fall weather. That heat was bad, but I think now that it’s worse, because of the humidity, even tho it doesn’t get into the 90s hardly any.

It can be 80°, and 80% RH, and the sweat just pours out of me. Maybe I’m just getting older, and/or I’ve been doing a lot more outside work since we moved to the farm. But, today it’s a nice cloudy, almost cool day, perfect for outside work.


My bad. Didn’t do the metric to imperial conversion correctly. We were expecting 36-37 C, which is about 96-98 F, so that’s a scorcher for Canada. However, with the smoke it was about 22 C, so about 72 F. We rarely see 100+F except in a couple parts of the Interior of BC.

I was born in equatorial Penang, Malaysia but have been in Canada for over 40 years and my body temp tolerance is all-Canadian. I’m a shorts and t-shirt guy year round (t-shirt optional) so I don’t like it too hot anymore. I’m most comfortable working outdoors when its 18-20 C, 60s F. Two summers ago, it was in the high 90s for much of the summer, and I ended up working in the garden at night. Literally digging dirt, filling garden boxes and planting trees and blueberry bushes by flashlight and moonlight. Just too hot to do hard manual labour when there’s a heat wave.

On a side note, my friend’s wife kept their indoor pool at 97F last year and when we jumped in during a heat wave, expecting it to cool us off, it was like swimming in a hot bath. I’ve literally been in a hot tub in Whistler, BC that was cooler than her pool. This year she dropped the temp to a much more pleasant, swimmable temp.

Watching the news on TV and seeing all the crazy weather the US has to deal with, from flashfloods and hail and tornadoes and heat waves. Wrath of God-type weather this month. Hopefully you all survive and your orchards/gardens/farm don’t get too damaged from this crazy weather.



yeah that humidity is a mother! we don’t get real hot but when it does get in the 80’s we have the high humidity too!


We have 90-95 degrees at 80-90% humidity on a regulsr basis in the summer here. It can be brutal. Although you can really tell when it is only 50-70% and makes it fell like that’s nice :frowning:


Today it is 82F with a dew point of 50F…almost a perfect summer day. Still hot enough to swim, but you can easily do stuff outside without dying of heat stroke. Tomorrow looks the same.

Only issue with these dew points is valley fog…the fog monster is back. Had it this morning too. That temp wants to crash to that dew point…humidity spikes and with calm winds…fog forms.


Wow…Our Dewpoints are averaging 74-76…


Yeah…it doesn’t get much better. Take a long walk this evening at the park. My mom was talking to some people in town from Houston and they were saying down there the weather is just awful (hot/humid) compared to here. We get that weather too, we also get some breaks from that weather that are very welcome.


I guess it’s kind of a give and take. Our winters are incredible for the most part. Late Fall and Early Spring are usually quite nice as well…


Yeah, I don’t know how y’all can stand that sauna in the summer. I made the mistake once of planning a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach in August, I had no idea how brutal it would be. No wonder the hotel rooms were so cheap! The only saving grace was that it was very windy.

I thought how do people actually live here?? I suppose the mild winters are the trade-off.


From Dec thru March…it blows up here big time. We get a few “ok” days in the 40Fs …but that is a warm day in Dec/Jan/Feb… I’ve seen snow stick from Nov until March…it turns crusty and ugly fast.


Looks like after this Sat the Pacific NW can say bye bye to the heat. Much cooler weather incoming late weekend/next week.

Still looks very mild and pleasant around here through the extended. We keep on chugging. Snow will be flying before we know it.


Here’s a portion of the forecast for Yakima WA next week. Looks ugly to me, with temperatures rising back up to extremes at week’s end.