How is your weather?


How are those outdoor blooming trees doing? We should bloom in about 3 months at this rate.


Today was 52, we had a little rain midday then sunshine. Nice enough that my honeybees should have been flying. When they weren’t I cracked open the hive and they have perished. :persevere:


Sorry to hear about your hive loss. If you haven’t already it can be informative to do a little detective work to find out what caused the hive to die out. If there is no honey stored in there and bees were dying head in the cells, then they likely ran out of food. On the other hand, if there was plenty of food in there but they dies anyways, might be mites, or possibly some other cause.

In any case worth trying to figure out the problem, so you can make a sound decision about reusing the hive parts or not. You can also ask your local bee inspector or club for advise.

Good luck.


I had blooms on a couple apple trees the last weekend of May 2018. I won’t be surprised if I have apple blossoms in June this year.


Thanks! This is my sixth year with a hive and this is a new death pattern for me. The cluster had broken, dead bees were found going up both sides to the sugar board, and there was a nice, tight brood pattern, maybe 2.5 inches across. There was also over six frames of honey left. I’m wondering if they got caught in a fast temp drop after they broke cluster. We treated for mites, no sign of infection. I took pics and videos for the local autopsy group.


I know you are joking about the new ice age, but this really is shaping up to be one of the least powerful solar cycles in a very long time…


We had a “clipper system” come through, predictions for 1-3" turned out to be 6-8". Some of my 4 foot high apple tree cages have about a foot showing. Our snow accumulation for February has jumped up significantly. I was going to check on the nursery bed but to get there I have to cross the road and I’m not sure I can still get the snowmobile over the snowbanks. I’ll have to hoof it on snowshoes or cross country ski’s.


Yes.last year was so weird here…after a very cold April///May was like summer. It was kind of nice because the pools/lakes all warmed up quickly so kids could swim pretty much June-Sept… but I lost a lot of trees because of that cold April.

GFS looks “warmer” on the overnight lows this run… Negative teens a given…not sure about -20F…maybe in some of the cold spots. Also keeps pushing the cold out further like the EUro has been… so its more of a Sun-mid week thing now… Sat doesn’t look all to bad for temps.

Good thing…this is all done. GFS has a much milder pattern showing longterm…NAEFS is also breaking down the cold mid month. Maybe we’ll get our melt.


@moose71 You have us beat by a little, we are at 130 something inches last time I checked, and that was also before we just got dumped on. We had to plow a road through the pasture to give the animals a place to go, and to get the tractor in to feed. The snow is close to 4’ out there in the open. There is going to be melting snow here until July at this rate! One of the highways down by the water was closed for two days because they couldn’t get it plowed. We are sending some cold blue skies your way next… but just for a few days. More snow on the way…


Well, the sunny warm days are over already. It’s 40 and misty outside today. I’ve been looking at some forecast models and they’re saying we could get 3-6" Sunday night, and then temps down around 10 Mon and Tue nights. So, March will be bringing us some more winter.


i noticed on the national interactive snow map that you guys get quite allot of snow up there in the U.P. no end in sight for the cold again next week.


What an incredible night in Florida…

Preformatted text![IMG_20190301_211053|562x1000](upload://yIfAxZc4E90U8RCq963wreTzCUF.jpeg)


Fireflies? What am I looking at?


Stars. A full black sky. Stars with no city light at all… Night vision on an Android camera…


That’s the actual sky


I got to look up at the Milky Way for 18 years…before any in our valley got electricity.

It was nice.


Got another 5-6" of snow today. The weather guessers have upped tomorrow night’s low. No more -20. All the way up to -18 instead :roll_eyes:

Supposed to hit the mid to upper 20s for highs next weekend. I don’t remember the last time it was that warm. It’s been quite awhile


got more snow coming and upper teens all next week.


I saw some pics on facebook today from northern Maine. A few guys were shoveling off a roof and I’d guess there was a consistent 4-5’ of snow on that roof. I don’t envy the snow you get


I’m seeing ice damming on a lot of houses i drive by. Some very ugly looking…like foot thick or more ice right along the edge of the roof and maybe a foot or more wide… i also saw some bent gutter on another house with a metal roof (think the weight of the snow must have caved it). I’ve seen ice now reaching from the roof to the ground on several houses… Going to get even worse before it gets better when/if we do melt.