How is your weather?


Almost wish I had, seeing how persistent this abnormal cold and rain has been. My tree is starting to push out lots of new growth too. And no fertilizer in the soil either.


We were sent a Code Red weather storm warning for tonight through tomorrow am. Yikes!


Mrs. G.,
The upcoming low in a single digit on Wed (5F) and Thurs (9F) is a bigger concern in my area.


Sorry! Yeah, it’s snowing pretty hard here now, but we probably will only get a couple inches at the most. It’s been snowing longer north and west of us. They’re saying around 14 tomorrow and Tuesday night, but a slow warm up by the end of the week but with more rain.

Y’all have a safe trip.


Poor you, we’re not getting that. Hopefully the 5-7 inches of snow due here will turn to rain again. Fingers crossed. I think our winter now starts in March!


Nevermind… It was cold today.


Just looking thru the winter review (climatic winter///DJF) …

Notice how wet winter has become here the past few years…

3 out of the last 4 winters have been top 10 wettest since record keeping began here (late 1800s). You would imagine this pattern should end soon and probably flip back towards a drier one (one would hope!).


From Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs. Currently 19°F :slightly_smiling_face:


Just had close call from 2 separate tornadoes. Wild weather in the southeast!! Now it’s going to get down to the mid 20’s…



13 degrees here and still falling. Hope you get to see the lights, looking forward to that some day


Got snow tires?


Your pictures could make a good addition to the new thread started by Annie,entitled,Interesting places you have visited.It’s in the


Cold for us in Kansas…
-4 this morning! It’s looking up though. The high might reach 17.


It was 2 at the house this morning, burrr.


Couple of cold nights coming here…:laughing: :sunglasses:


-10F on the car this morning…that is usually pretty accurate…nws says a -12F early this morning.

GFS keeps advertising a big precip event this coming weekend. Right now it looks like mostly rain and a good amount of it. What a mess.


Our weather has been great this late winter in southern Georgia, BUT a couple of dicey mornings coming up. Light frost Wed and Thurs am. Citrus are blooming, and tomato plants are out. Might be covering up some stuff.


-18 windchill right now, actual temp of -8. Supposedly…it’s going to get into the low 30s by the end of the week. Of course, more snow on Saturday and Sunday though. The first day it’s sunny, with no wind, and a temp in the 40s I’m gonna put on a pair of shorts and pretend its spring :grinning:


Funny thing is with the increasing sun angle//an ice glacier in place…a person could really get a nice tan going :sunny:


I’ve been getting plenty of color on my face from being outside. All the snow is just like a big mirror for the sun rays.