How is your weather?


We got about 1.5", most of it yesterday, and a bit more overnight. It was enough to shut down school around here and the surrounding counties. Not much snow, but with it freezing overnight, they don’t like to take chances because of the hilly, curvy roads.

Supposed to drop into the teens the next couple nights, then warm up towards the weekend.


I definitely prefer the cold to those tornadoes!


Low temps… .outside of S Florida everyone was chilly… Key West 77F… our summer nights aren’t that warm.


I’ve gotten some wicked sunburn/ snow blindness ice fishing on sunny march days!


Hmmm…both the Euro and GFS bring a low right across this area next weekend. The liquid is looking more and more solid this afternoon… heavy wet slop. Looking similar to the last storm that hit SE MN so hard… Sat night most likely.


I really hope the snow totals are wrong. I have nowhere to put 10-19" of wet, heavy snow


Out at the woodstove this morning, -8, my glove had a whole at the tip of the right index finger. I was out there about 10 mins cuz of some extra stuff to do. Feeling stilling slowly coming back to it.

Sunday is supposed to be 48? What, at this point I don’t care how fast spring comes, just get here and I’ll deal with it.


That sounds fantastic. Be careful with those fingers, I frost bit a few on my right hand when I was in my 30s and they still get numb (and stay that way for quite awhile) really quickly


seen the same trend here but more precip. in winter. winters are getting snowier and colder yet our summers aren’t showing the same wetter trend.


i feel your pain! :wink:


Be careful!


More is on the way this weekend here… about an inch of rain is looking more and more likely… with that turning to snow as storm moves away.


14 here this morning and clear. I had to turn on the heat lamp in our food cellar last night as it dropped to 35 in there. I had my spotlight with me, and on the way back up to the house, I shown it up towards the back orchard and lo and behold, there were about five pairs of green eyes shining back at me. I started walking towards them and they took off up the hill further into the trees. Stupid deer.


Cold again but the sun is out and temp is on the rise…maybe 20Fs today.

12z gfs that just came out shows the low this weekend stayin gmore south which results in heavy snow for me :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: nooo…go away

Amazing how little the snow has melted so far in March…like none…


No heat in sight here yet. But a pleasant low 60’s mostly sunny day.


SO weekend storm (rain/snow/something) is a given…now models show storms #2 midweek… that one looks much warmer (low heads towards Minneapolis)… so all rain here.


Got lucky last night. They were calling for 32 degrees for 8 hours. It only fell to 36. No Frost. We’ll see tonight…Still calling for 32 again…


NWS hasn’t ventured a guess as to totals here yet. Weather Underground has gone back and forth from 5-8" to 8-12" on Saturday and 3-5" to 5-8" on Wednesday. I hope it all goes north or south or somewhere else.


I think we didn’t really get to 21, but I can’t find out how to see history in Weather Underground on a cell phone. There’s a station close to my house.

It’ll be great if we were higher by just a few degrees! I have peaches, J plums and a little almond bloom. Those peaches last year were the best fruit I’ve ever had, too, lol. Mislabeled tree!


I didn’t. Went below forecast of 28° down to 23°. Can you say “Wipe Out”.