How is your weather?


muscovy. i believe they are a breed of wild duck from s. america. funny thing is these ducks are excellent mothers. I’ve never heard or seen a duck attack and we had every breed. but not this one.


check your ordinances. i bet they allow hens. if you don’t have much room, get some bantam breeds. they’re easy to care for and composted chic. manure is great free fertilizer! :wink: the friendliest breed i own thats a good layer for the size of the hen is the silver duckwing bantam. i have both a rooster and hen. they are very tame and one of the smallest of the bantams. i plan to put them together so i get pure chicks this spring to sell as pets. my silkies are ultra tame also but are poor layers.


Hoping for ground thaw


If you don’t have snowcover it should thaw pretty quick with rain and warm temps.

Showing about 60F here Thurs… 2 rounds of rain… warm rain. Extended shows 40F to upper 40Fs…some 50Fs …


I second the Muscovy vote, I hatched some in my classroom last year.


Glorious sunshine today! The high is 44, I had training this morning and took the afternoon off. My plan was cleaning inside the house, but I may have to change to the yard.


I inherited two Apricot trees actually. But this is a Moro Blood Orange tree.


Living in suburb of Chicago, Fowls are not allowed to keep in our village. Although the muscove duck is aggressive, they are very pretty and more willing to interact with people , or less afraid of people, so it is more interesting to keep as a pet.


i wish i knew of a source to buy them. the bigger hatcheries don’t sell them.


My husband was at our new home in KY Sunday and said it was 61! I was digging my truck out of a 4’ snowdrift in MI… he got the better end of that deal I’m pretty sure… The roads around me were blown shut with the drifts. I didn’t think we got that much snow, but it sure got moved and drifted. I heard 40’s toward the end of the week here in MI. I won’t see it because I am KY bound tomorrow morning - finally!


Please don’t say or type the H word. Bad karma.
Some one said the S word and we have 1.5’ of it yet!
Thanks, Chikn.


I wish I could but I can’t plant anything till I get my hill graded. Which I can’t till some other things happen. So I’ve been grafting on existing trees but they are all in their last stages…


You lucky man!!!


48 degrees bright sun, and warm. Unzipped jacket for the first time in months! I still have to prune my orchard. Too much rain last month and now it is like a giant mud pie! So will brave the muck tomorrow and leaves my boots at the door!


Looks like California warms up nicely…LA looks to head towards 80F late Weekend/early next week. GFS does bring in a chance of rain after the 20th…

38F here today…nice and sunny/not much wind. The streets were a mess in areas. Pothole season too…some craters out there.


Got to 27 or 28 today. The sun sure felt good though. Tomorrow supposed to hit 39. Too bad it’s going to be cloudy. Inch plus of rain on Wednesday. Eesh


Really interested in how the river is going to react to all that snowmelt. Still mostly frozen around me. Looks like areas south will see it first. Ice fishing is going to get a little risky by this weekend in areas.

NWS lse
In addition, the precipitable water values will climb into the 1 to 1.25 inch range. This is around 4 standard deviations above the 1979-2009 CFSR climatology. The GEFS plumes have an average around 1 inch for La Crosse and 1.2 inches in Rochester. This rainfall will be on top of the rapid release of water from the snow pack. Southwest Wisconsin and northeast Iowa will be the first to see the snow ripen (when the snow pack will start to release water). Elsewhere, the snow pack will ripen on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. This will result in rapid rises on area rivers and streams. With the potential of river flooding looking more likely on the Mississippi tributaries

current snow depth… that all has to go somewhere.


I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I always thought Muscovy Ducks were the ugliest of all ducks! They have those red warty-looking growths and are black and white mostly without color. South Florida has declared war on them and golf courses and neighborhood associations are hiring people to club them TO DEATH (obviously very controversial). I don’t like that at all, but I think there are lots of prettier ducks! Oh well…to each his/her own when it comes to beauty, right?

Here in northern TN, We are having our very first warm (60’s) and sunny days in a very long time, and I’ve been using it to spray my trees with copper and oil. Unfortunately they are calling for more rain later this week.


Ugh… Not over yet…


Indeed beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you think the red warted face is ugly then you probably will think turkey is also ugly too.