How is your weather?


It just started snowing here. It was around 50F earlier.


Set out kohlrabi to raised beds and lettuces to hoophouse.
We’ve had many sunny days this winter (some winters are very overcast) so I think the ground has more heat reserve.
One odd thing though, ny Anna apples had started blooming last Nov/Dec during a warm spell - they are early anyway. The blooms are not completely open, just showing about 1/2" of color and now they are in a suspended state. Someone suggested to pull those off. (There are others not that far along.) I’d like to see how nature deals with this. Any other advice?


Snowy and windy today for us

Snow Freezing Fog and Windy



Humidity 85%
Wind Speed NW 31 G 46 mph
Barometer 29.55 in (1001.7 mb)
Dewpoint 23°F (-5°C)
Visibility 0.25 mi
Wind Chill 11°F (-12°C)
Last update 29 Feb 10:54 am EST


Warm and Chartman. I hope this snowy weather passes quickly. There is nothing worse than losing your buds to cold weather. Hopefully you will have no freezes that are lasting. Fingers crossed!


Thankfully I don’t have to worry much here as temps only briefly went above freezing. They are forecasting lows in the single digits all this week and that will keep every thing in winter mode.


It has been the fluctuation of the temps this year that have continued since last year and the year before. We no longer have a ‘normal’ temperature where I live. You being in one of the coldest spots in the US is lucky as you can really determine your spring.


Over 70 degrees again. Very unusual weather for Feb for us. Mild winter is not typical here.


I think we are ok for at least the next couple of weeks… When is your normal bloom time?


Late April early May we normally bloom. Peaches buds look somewhat swollen but apples buds are very tight yet. We’re supposed to get snow tonight, but it’s girl’s state basketball so we aren’t surprised by any nasty weather this week. Lowe’s surprised me today, they had their fruit trees out. All the standard varieties except for wolf river, bought an Ayers and Moonglow, semi-dwarf pears. Next week in the 50-65 range.


2014 the last 3 days in February we had lows in the Teens.
2015 from the night of February 25th to the afternoon of March 2nd we never rose about 32 degrees.
2016 the last 3 days of February we have had highs in the mid 70’s and 60’s the rest of this week with barely a chance for a frost.

My trees are way early.



April bloom time would be common.


Yours really are, Mike. They are ahead of mine because you had plenty of chill hours before the growing degree days.

70’s here yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Then we’ll slide into the 50’s and work our way back to the 70’s by this time next week. I expect plums and pluots to start blooming within the next week. That’s right there within their normal time frame. It must have been all the mourning I did in January over their expected loss that slowed them down. :wink: Maybe that will work for yours, too.


We went from a foot of snow to 59 deg with rain last night, and now we’re forecasted for 4-6" of snow.


Well, we’ve been in the 70’s and 80’s out here. Everything is exploding in bloom. But, we may have rain in the forecast, if we can believe this. We get this weather forecast frequently, but in weeks past, as we get closer to predicted rain, it has fizzled out:


We are forecast to get multiple inches over the next week. I’d call that biblical! :smile:


Gosh, bleeding, no kidding. I’d be happy to just see an inch. Crossing my fingers. Of course, all my lovely blossoms are going to get knocked off, boo. I will say - this year my Minnie Royal and Royal Lee are blooming together a bit better. Again, full of blossoms, and lots of bee activity. In fact, more bees on the cherry trees than any other trees. So, maybe I’ll get more than 6 cherries this year? Here’s to hoping!!

Patty S.


Some of you might be interested in this.

MacIntosh first green is approximately 110 DD42, with a range of 90 to 130 DD42.

MSU uses degree days with a base of 42 F for predicting first green on apples.

If you are in the Midwest you can calculate degree days with this link:
If you use it, I think you blank out the “floor” value.

Right now we are at 23.5 DD42. But that will change next week when we have 65+ degree weather in the forecast (hoping they are wrong).


Cool. Dave Spellman will be thrilled too!


om Spellman? Yes, he was rather confounded last season as to why I wasn’t getting any real fruit set when he was kind enough to drop by and check things out. I have tons of bees in my yard, so I know it’s not for lack of pollinators. So, hoping that this will be my “Cherry Year”!

Patty S.


-32 Celsius last week. Lows of -22 this week. 20+cm of snow tonight.