How is your weather?


Smoke is so bad in Spokane, it is a haze that obscures the sun to such an extent I can look directly at it at 6 pm. Couldn’t even see the sun by 7:30, more than a half hour before sundown. Asthmatics are going to the hospital in droves. Hope we get some rain to clean the air in the next week!


Our spring and summer has been wetter than normal. Although this has caused a few problems with my fruit trees for the most part it has been good for my newly planted Nelly Stevens holly in a location that is inconvenient to hand water.


The rain continues to miss us

If you look at the official figures, we were very wet in July
If you look at my rain gauge, less than normal


We’ve stayed dry here now for a couple weeks. The flooding rains are a distant memory it would seem. It has been so dewy in the morning that the grass continues to grow. I’m really starting to notice the shortening days :frowning:

We dropped to 52F this morning which is the coolest reading since June 26th…

Sparta, WI just 20 mins east of here was 42F and Black River Falls (an hour NE of here) was 38F…both areas sit in central Wisconsin where temps plummet under the right conditions…it’s bog country…where most of Wisconsin’s cranberries are grown.


Finally cooling off and expecting some showers Sunday which would be the first measurable precipitation in 56+ days which is a record for southern BC/Pacific NW. Makes me really wish I had planted watermelons this summer. Been a long hot and dry stretch of weather but with cool nights it’s been bearable.



Did your area get much smoke from the wildfires up north? Brady


Yes there’s been air quality advisories for almost 2 weeks now. The smoke has blotted out the blue skies completely on some days and been thick enough to lower the expected highs by 8-12 C or 10-16 F. As you can see from the background of this pic, it is fairly thick even over the water.

Here’s a stock image off Google of roughly the same lookout point at Stanley Park when there’s NO smoke from the wild fires.



Ugh air. But otherwise total cuteness. :slight_smile:


There was considerable smoke over L Superior this afternoon…

Not exactly sure the source. The sat takes swipes as it travels, so they splice the images together with software…that is why it looks like that.


I could watch those things all day


low 70’s and been very dry. we have had occasional showers that have saved me from watering but the rivers are very low. great for fruit ripening tho. picked my consort currants last week. and they made my new favorite jam! love their tartness! waited too long to pick as they were getting mushy but thats probably what made the jam so good. :wink:


We went swimming yesterday at lake wazee (very deep lake/old iron mine) NE of here…whenever the sun dipped behind the clouds…it was a little chilly…i think the air temp was around 79F…but the water temp was maybe low 70fs.


Hey hey hey. It showered last night, so first real precip. since early June in our area. Wow, first time in 2 months I won’t have to water my garden/urban orchard. All the brown lawns around here really needed this little bit of rain.



Around here because of the sand soils, once we turn dry, the lawns crust up so quickly…it has been windy/cool/dry…with lots of sun…so lawns with no shade are getting that i want water look…the morning dew probably helps some… Lots of my trees are shedding leaves …yellowing on my apple/pears…some red leaves on the plums…probably just diseased leaves from all the rain earlier this summer.

Slight warm up here Weds and then another shot of cooler air Fri/Sat…pattern continues.

If one was camping…this would be almost perfect weather. Warm sunny days with cool nights.


Traces of rain over the past 24 hours. Cleared the smoke out of the sky!


Heavy rain last night…dew point rose to 73F overnight…hasn’t been that high in weeks.

Extended is very interesting…a taste of fall to end the month? Looks awfully chilly up here.



Here’s the trend over the past week:


Interesting inverse relationship - like you can flip one curve over and have it lie on the other.


It looks like he is plotting relative humidity. The relative humidity drops during the day is because warmer air can hold more moisture. But the total amount of moisture in the air stays about the same. It looks like his dew point was around 65 F there in the middle of the plot. (Dew point = air temp when the relative humidity is 100%.)