How is your weather?


I use to duck hunt when i was younger. I always thought wood ducks were the best looking of the bunch. Lots of varities can be found around here in fall. I was more the “spray and pray” type of duck hunter. I didn’t shoot many, nor was i a big fan of duck meat. Nothing better then biting into some steel pellets. Even in the dead of winter there is open water near my house that is full of ducks. Those mallards do not like moving if they don’t have to.


Clouds moving in quickly to the area. Strong south winds. GFS has really cut back on the precip amounts here (thank you)… it might not hit 60F but it should come close…> lots and lots of snowmelt incoming.


AMEN to that!


Warmest day here in months = 37. Snow pack is compressing rapidly. Really tough snowshoeing today, feet felt like I was carrying around cement blocks. Forecast looks like maybe we won’t get much over an inch of rain tomorrow/tomorrow night, so that’s good.


Driveway and dirt roads are literal sheets of ice. It’s going to be awfully dangerous around here for awhile.


same here had to salt the driveway so the wife doesn’t fall. supposed to hit 39f today. beautiful sunshine!


70 today and 72 tomorrow with thunderstorms…Kentucky. It won’t be raining if I start doing benchgrafts INDOORS tomorrow!


Ya, I threw 50 lbs. of softener salt on my gravel driveway just so we can make it down the hill with vehicles or on foot. I hope to get at least one narrow strip of gravel exposed so there’s some consistent traction.


I thought the rain would melt the ice in front of my house . No such luck. It just got thicker. i have a low spot (its been a problem every spring) that is shaded by the house all winter and i usually just wait until it melts some and then hook up a transfer or utility pump and pump it out but its still solid…i need an ice fishing auger.


We’ll make it run at 60F tomorrow… but its short lived. Should freeze back up good Sat/Sun nights. Weekend looks nice though…upper 30Fs and sunshine.


Well finally a winter storm that isn’t fizzling out. Area is under a Blizzard warning, and it is happening. Got a foot of wet heavy snow so far and this afternoon is supposed to be the heaviest snows with the winds kicking up even more. At this rate, probably will get 18-24" of snow. It’s going to be a while before travel is possible (County usually takes a day or so to get to our road after big storms, and I have to get the drive cleared too)

Interesting that coming into this storm, most weather services were lowering their forecasted snow totals. We already have surpassed NWS’s 6-10" and Weather Underground is still saying 5-8" (they were at 3-5" until just recently). Well I suppose it will help their averages, all season long they were way over predicting snow amounts, bout time the went to the other side.


40’s-50’s lots of sun, pruned for 2 hours today, will finish Sat. And Sun. Perfect spraying weather!


Storm system wrapping up nicely. Not really much happenening around here. Unless you like ice and falling.


I used to teach there! [not meteorology]


The rain started here about an hour ago. I figured the rain and salt combo would at least put a dent in the ice on the driveway. Sure doesn’t seem like it right now. NWS still saying 1-1.5 inches total today. Maybe there’s still a chance for some melting


They always had public access of the euro model back in the day…so i would always use that site. Now they got rid of it…but i still like using their sat loops … i think you can find them on the nws but you have to dig and dig… no thanks.

46F… been warming all day. Raining now although it would appear we’ll get dry slotted afterwards so night should stay dry…and mild.

rain done and actually see clearing as the sun sets here. …and man does it get dark late now. Really going to get spring fever when this snow is finally gone. Get the bike out…pop some wheelies… probably fly over my handlebars.


Our snowpack is looking good, so we will hopefully not have water restrictions this summer. We had a 35 degree high today, with some snow and wind. We didn’t see much in the way of accumulation where I am, but there was more a little ways south. After yesterday’s 53 degree high it seemed even colder. I’m hoping the 47 forecasted for Saturday sticks.


Got to 72 today (!?!), and mostly sunny. Was about 60 yesterday. Looking at abt 72 tomorrow too, before it rains and cools off back down to the 50s/30s for a next five days.


be glad to send you folks some! another day in the 40’s and sunny. its starting to slowly melt. got some warm rain moving in tonight until sat. night. just enough to help melt the snow. were getting there!


Got up to 51F but it’s pouring now. Thunderstorm overnight… Lots of melt…snowbanks are really shrinking but the water has nowhere to go.

Madison, WI was 61F …so the heat was right there…they had more sun then over here.