How is your weather?


I think it may have hit 38 this morning. 34 now with misty rain. It’s supposed to turn to snow later today and maybe amount to .5" or so. Tomorrow’s high in the upper 20’s so there’s gonna be a whole lot of ice around here.


Dover, DE…
feels like 70°
UV Index 3 of 10
|Wind|S 18 mph|
|Dew Point|49°|
|Pressure|30.09 in|
|Visibility|10.0 mi|

Best Day in a LONG time.


System moving into IN as front comes thru, with forecasts overreacting. Storms here didn’t bring thunder or hail, and while we watched for a tornado, none materialized.

Lot of thawing, water and mud.


lots of melt with the sun the last couple days. where i snow plowed near the chicken coop the ground showed for the 1st time since nov.! the chicks, ducks and geese were all over any green stubble they could find there. i pulled up a pail and sat in the sun for a good hr. watching them. chickadees were playing above my head in the pines.


We hit 58.8F today and 2 flocks of geese flew over heading North. One more day in the 50’s and then back to below freezing for the next 4 days. Nice to see some of our roofs cleared but the underground drainage for the gutters is still frozen up. Hope they clear out tomorrow.


In the high forties tomorrow (our St. Patricks Day Parade is on for tomorrow, so its time to hide in your own backyard)! Our town is mess over this holiday?; if the weather is sunny, every drunk and party person from miles around will find their way to Newport. Worse than living in NYC as Newport is far smaller,. Ugh what a mess, no offense against the Irish by the way!


by thurs. next week will be back into the 40’s. only a short cold spell.


LIARS. 100% chance of rain.
Didn’t happen. Not where I am.


A rough weather day here today, with 3 smaller tornadoes that were in unpopulated areas and caused little damage, but 70 mph wind gusts that took shingles off my roof, but let me tell you, the rain came down. Got 4 inches overnight, a few more up until 9am, then got 5 inches in less than 10 minutes! Rain was sideways, for once I was happy my trees don’t have leaves yet. Then after 12 noon, it was like a switch was turned off, sun came out, birds sang and Spring Peepers were calling the rest of the day and evening. Spring is surely here now, pulled in on that wind. Glad no one was injured.


I can’t even imagine 5" of rain in 10 minutes. That’s crazy!


We just had a storm blow thru here around midnight, but it only lasted about 20 minutes. Power went out for about 5 minutes, surprised it came back on so fast. Usually if it goes out for the first minute, it stays off for maybe hours.

The wind today was something fierce, all day, I imagine we hit 50mph with some of the strongest gusts. I went to town today and was dodging a lot of tree debris on the roads. It was very warm, got to about 75.

Some of my tree cages got dislodged, but not too much damage. Looks like some roof tin got blown off the barn, gonna have to fix that somehow.

Now that the storm’s past, the winds have really died down finally. After tomorrow, we’ll be back to 50s/30s for the next week.In that 20 minutes, I bet we got maybe a half inch of rain. It was starting to dry out a bit here, but it seems we can’t go 4 days without a down pour.


Now remember . You can’t decide what the weather is going to do ahead of time. You might just need irrigation! Ha! Blueberry, that’s an inside joke. I’m sure you get it…lol


Wow, that’s some crazy weather. Nobody being hurt with weather like that is a blessing


Hearing lots of stories of flooded basements. Water has nowhere to go if you have no pitch to your foundation. Where there is usually a field by my house, it is a large inland lake right now. Lost a ton of snow but still more to go.

I heard a story of someone that says they are done with this crap (weather) and putting their house up for sale…


Are they going to get on a capsule to the moon or something? It’s been wet everywhere.


I hear of a person who pumped all that standing water out. Dunno where he pumped it TO


A desert? I don’t know. I was saying the same thing to someone else. Anywhere you go you’ll run into something (fires/drought/hurricanes/flooding/tornadoes/etc)… I do think some people just get fed up with the cold/snow, but yeah…they’ll trade it for heat or heat+humidity depending on where they go.

I pumped probably 1000+ gallons out just yesterday in a low spot in front of my house. Nothing has come into the basement yet but i didn’t want to find out. Our street is pitched and it all just dumps into the Mississippi…


Just pump it into the neighbor’s yard? :wink:

The worst one i’ve heard was someone was on vacation and just got back and their basement was flooded and their backyard was a lake=== the sad part is the basement was just remodeled completely last year… ouch.


What size pump does it take to shift that much water to wherever?


I’m using just a 1/10hp transfer pump…i had it just for my small pond. You can also use bigger transfer pumps (they have a hose that connects on each end) or you can use a utility pump that sits right in the water (has a fitting right on top for hose connection)…those you can get really big in size…i’ve seen some that can pump several thousand gallons per hour. Sump pumps have a built in thingy that goes up when water comes up so it triggers it to run. I’m sure there are other types.

Where i live generally a lot of water isn’t an issue…we have very porous sandy soil. But because of the frost in the ground…its ponding so bad and looking for a place to drain.

—forgot to add…heard another story 000 someone lives on top of a hill just north of here…well they are pumping water down the hill…its going into another person’s basement…the road is flooded…just a huge mess.Oh and this is a new addition.n.ot old houses…i guess all the neighbors are going to sue because they told the developer over a year ago about the problem and they did nothing. Who knows…its just a huge mess. The river is shooting upward fast…Mississippi here is heading towards flood stage already. Covered with ice too.