How is your weather?


If the dew point stays the same it is an inverse relationship or close to it. At any given dew point the warmer it is the lower the percent humidity. That’s why humidity increases at night.


Gorgeous weather, right on schedule. The seasons literally change almost on the first day of the month, every year.


All true. But it is cool to see it come out in the graph like that.


Very cool pattern setting up for the east half of the country next week. Very fall’ish.


Meteorological fall


Harvey has just arrived here in the Memphis area in the form of heavy rain. Also, tornado sirens.



Yeah… should see a warm day Monday…and then a nice cool off.

Yikes in the Atlantic…here comes #2… This will be one to watch late next week.


We’ve got Lidia churning up the spine of Baja California. It’ll likely bring us monsoonal rain.


Be interesting to see if it tracks through the Hebert box


Our weather in Newport already feels like the end of Sept. and the beginning of fall. Chilly too early, too soon. This weather is not helping the end of my plums peaches and tomatoes. The raspberries are tiny.


The fall vegetable garden is loving it!


Same here in MA, Worcester. My Reliance peaches are already 2 weeks late and still hard as rock.


We started having the low in the 50’s since Aug 23. Even my coworkers who like cooler weather said this is way too soon to have Autumn weather.

So cool that it has affected fig’s and watermelon’s (non) development for over a week now.


Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 110, which means it will be 112 or 113. Same for Saturday.


Frost advisory up for areas of Wisconsin. I think areas to my east will easily be 40F ish or a little cooler tonite. I still have my Ac on (ragweed! ugh) but that will be shut off.

I’m sure there will be another hurricane thread if there isn’t … but man…keep an eye on this next one if you live in the northeast.


It’s been nice here the last week, highs in the low 80s, lows in low 60s, even dipped into the 50s some nights. We had a big bonfire going the other night, and I actually had to put on a long sleeve shirt. It can get pretty cool here when the sun dips behind the hills. Looks like we’re into the ‘pre-fall’ season here.

But, the remnants of Harvey are due here over the next 36 hours, so we could end up with some heavy rains, but prob not more than 2-3in.


We have had the coolest august I can ever remember. Love it, but not good for ripening figs ime afraid, as they don’t seem to be doing much now. Cool nights color up our apples more though, and dew points very low for us which is great for fruit. Haven’t sprayed my apples in about 5 weeks, and they look great


Direct hit on Washington, DC…right into Scotts backyard? Lets hope for a recurve out into the ocean.

0z GFS tonite…10 days from now. These things can change a ton in that amount of time. Something to watch.


You seen the Euro model? The guys on the thread are saying it’s likely more accurate the GFS, especially with this year’s Atlantic storms. I haven’t seen the latest Euro forecast, but don’t know where to look.

Curious, where do you get these 10 day maps at? Never mind, says tropical on the map.