How is your weather?


The high temperature at La Crosse Regional Airport on April 6 was 71 degrees. This was first time that the temperature had reached or exceeded 70 degrees in 2019. This normally occurs around April 9. Last year this occurred on April 23 (71 degrees). The last time La Crosse was 70 degrees or warmer was October 10 when the high temperature was 74 degrees.

Almost 6 months between 70F readings… yikes. Reminds me of how crappy this climate is.

58F this morning. Went outside with a tshirt on and wasn’t cold. Large band of raining moving up from the south.

GFS gives us a foot+ of snow late week…


We had a nice winter. Only 30 days at 70 or above. Last winter it was 45 days. The cold does help protect your trees from spring freezes by keeping them dormant. I’ve had freeze injury in Febr, March, and April and still may have more.


Move NNW 5 hours and see how you like it :crazy_face:


Its tough living up here.

Summer shows up and winter fades so fast from the memory. 2 months and the pools will be open.

Drained my small pond (rubber 10x10 liner). Full of leaves. Bought some more hardly lily pads…i have 3 now in pots that i just set on the bottom and 1 tropical lily in the basement.not sure if that one made it or not. The one from last year overwintered fine in the pond (i left water in it all winter) …its even showing some green.


Noticing a lot of pushing of buds too. Nothing looking dead yet. The next week to 10 days will at least give me some initial idea of how hard winter hit the stonefruit.

Sprayed copper today too.

Storm still showing massive amounts of snow ot the west… mostly rain/slop/sleet/snow for this area.


won’t see 70’s here until late may/ june!


Just a heads up, they are forecasting a storm that hits here next Wed which has the potential to setup similar to the cyclone blizzard of a few weeks ago. Models are all over the place now, we went from 6-12" to 1-3" but who knows what or if it will be. We will have to see where this storm tracks.


Good for you…I have already cleaned some ponds. Eight more on the schedule.


70Fs today and hurricane force winds and probably snow on the ground by Friday/Sat… trees aren’t that far along yet to bloom…so hopefully the cooler weather the next few days will put a halt to further movement.

12z euro moves a low from Se NE thurs to mid Iowa fri… then shoots it quickly into NE Canada… Snow almost a given now…how much who knows…although 6 inches or more is looking likely for my backyard.


pure blasphemy! :wink:


Yeah…its 77F right now out there. Up and down…up and down… spring in the midwest.


eesh…I don’t want it that hot this early. 59 here today and I was sweating while working in a long sleeved t-shirt. Gotta let my blood thin out again before it gets hot. Doesn’t sound like I’ll have to worry about that anytime soon though. Today is the last warmish day in the 10 day forecast.


Yeah… stupid warmth too…not any fun when the wind is blowing about 50mph…sand in the eyeballs. I’d rather have cooler and calm conditions.

Just reading the forecast discussion out of Minneapolis… interesting stuff:

The trajectory of this transport is directly across south central, and southeast Minnesota Thursday morning. I wouldn`t be surprised to see snowfall rates increasing to 1-2 inches per hour during this time frame.

EC 850MB winds are very impressive with an easterly component of 70 [kts] across eastern Minnesota Thursday morning. This is roughly 4 to 5 standard deviations above for this time of year. This translates into sustained winds of 30 to 40 mph, with gusts near or over 50 mph across a wide area of southern Minnesota, and into west central Wisconsin.


88 today in Southern California.


Right now it looks like the Metro may get hit worse than here. St. Cloud’s forecast is for more snow than here as well. Forecast here is for 8-14"+ Weds-Friday


If this happens I’m staying in bed until it melts. . . :tired_face:


The same thing happened a year ago on same dates.


Forecasts now calling for 10-18" or 11-21"…even the low end is way more than I want to deal with. Plowing this crap will totally rip up my gravel driveway


and that much you can’t just let it melt. anyone notice in the last 10 yrs. or so the wind has gotten more frequent and stronger. I’ve been blaming it on the logging companies clearcutting all our forests here but it seems its happening all over. mother natures pissed!


The wind here is pretty much a constant thing. Calm days are few and far between it seems.