How is your weather?


use to be it wasn’t as bad as it is now . spring and fall was usually windy but now it seems to blow even during stable weather. our winters have become very windy making the cold feel even worse. rare we have a calm day nowadays.


Newest 12z gfs run now is almost all rain here and it looks to have brought the low further north. I’m guessing 6 inches of snow is slipping out of range for this area. Probably still see snow, but i doubt much sticks…maybe when the wraparound band moves thru overnight Friday.

Heaviest snows being seen in W MN and E South Dakota.


Denver should be right around 80F today…tomorrow night it should be snowing and 25F.


Yes. NWS just issued a blizzard warning for Denver and the plains starting noon tomorrow. Winter Storm warning for the foothills to the west. Here we go again…


The last snowfall map I saw had the heaviest band of snow south and west of me about 30-50 miles. Looked like that area can expect 18"+


I doubt a lot of these totals but who knows. I guess if the heaviest falls overnight, then more apt to be snow. Lots of moisture.


80F today, 20F tomorrow in Denver. Fortunately both the peaches and apricots are still asleep…they are late this year!


after last nights 6in , 167in.of snow, now the 3rd. snowiest on record. more tonight. if we get 13 more inches this season , we will be 2nd snowiest.


Geez… I just talked to Johnny’s seed. They are stuck in snow too … I just bought a Jang seeder there


they are 2 zones s. of me. unusual for them but not unheard of. I’ve seen 2ft. in 2 days in mid april. sometimes smaller amounts up until mid may. :wink:




We’ve had some gorgeous upper 50s and mid 60s days with sunshine, but it has switched over to rain with snow coming back tonight.


Forecast amounts keep going up here. With a high of 31 on Thursday, it won’t matter if it snows during the day or at night. Highs in the 30s through the weekend from the looks of it. Low in the teens Saturday night. Maybe by the middle of next week this area will have some bare ground again


They say but hopefully are wrong about a 60 Degree drop in 36 hours with maybe 6" of snow but atleast 12 hours of under freezing temps hitting 24 by tomorrow.


Wet feet wading in the goldfish pond today……………beautiful weather in Kentucky.


That would be an excuse for sassafras tea.


Yeah, you never can tell what the weather will be since they started usin’ them bows and arrows.


Seems 13-23" is the consensus prediction by the 3 weather sites I use. Travel tomorrow will likely be about impossible. I won’t be surprised if our township doesn’t spend the money to plow.


Just wait for it to melt? Yeah that sounds like a mess. Showing about an inch and a half of rain here…a cold miseable rain.


Watching the radar loop as the temps rise just enough for the snow-blue to be replaced by rain-green

It’s April. Gonna rain.