How is your weather?


Rain and chilly!



It’s a three day holiday in MA this weekend+Mon, it’ll rain 70% of the time these 3 days. Sunny on Tues and Wed. Oh, well.


1st . 60 of spring today. walking around the yard in a t shirt. starting to see some patches of lawn.


I tried spouting some parsnips in paper towel on my heating pad for the first time. They are sprouting after 7 days. The garden is now covered with several inches of snow and it is 39 degrees out. I may have to dig through snow to plant them.


Didn’t get out of the 30Fs for the 3rd day in a row. Snow still on the ground. Melted maybe half of it so far…maybe.

The plus side is that it really can’t get any colder.


lol…just wait a few hours. Low in the teens tonight


Seventies and nice again today, just about every day in the 70s this week and not too much rain. But, we might get some storms tomorrow, and then maybe drop down into the 40s tomorrow night. Trees are really starting to leaf out now, and grass needs to be mowed already.


Redbud trees glorious this year. Saw pawpaw blooms already. Dogwoods almost there.
Service berries have had petal fall.


Man that’s a tough hand. 81°F here today. Our winter reprieve is certainly over.


Yeah, went to town today and the road is bracketed in many areas with redbuds blooming. Saw quite a few other blooming trees.

Only 5 of my apples are blooming now, three of them probably are too small to support one apple… But, there are a bunch of what looks like fruit buds opening on some trees, but still too early to tell. My big Winesap still isn’t showing any fruit buds. :confused:


Monday is April 15. I feel like that is “the annual date where I comment to anyone within earshot about how it is time to plant corn.” (Field corn. On hundreds of thousands of acres.) In an exceptional year, there is certainly corn that gets planted here by that early date.

Not here, not this year. The soil temps are in the 40’s and we just had an inch of rain and temperatures in the 40’s. The forecast is warmer, but for another 1"+ of rain all mid-week.


The GFS continues to show massive amounts of rain this next week. I really really really
hope it is wrong.

We’ve been parked between like 34F and 38F for like 80 hours or more… hopefully we can get a little warmth back in here asap.


April showers …


Weather alarm just went off. Looks like we are in for a few hours of tornado watches and warnings.



Sun finally came out this morning. Dropped to 32F …

The amount of robins i saw yesterday was amazing. There was a flock of probably 40 or more under some pine trees. They must really dislike this snowcover.


I saw numerous flocks of robins under ornamental crabapples yesterday. Those fruit were finally of value


Temps down to 32 here - no rain, all snow

I won’t have to cover the strawberries overnite


upper 40’s and sunny. going to get a couple inches of rain. mon/tues. with the 60 we hit yesterday its going to get the rivers moving. just hope it doesn’t flood. not looking good. down to about 2ft. of snow in the yard.