How is your weather?


luckily no blossom yet. Hope this is the last snow this spring. My pear tree showed flower around April 20 in the last 3 years.


It’s going to get awfully wet later next week…and the kids are off school for spring break so that sucks if they get trapped inside.


Still heavy snowing🙁


I didn’t think much of it…but the snow has melted off our van and the van is now filthy covered with dirt…thanks Texas.


Getting ready to storm


You’re welcome…!! We have too much of the stuff. Ship it out at every opportunity.


Hmmm, blowing dust in the Texas panhandle…:grin:


We got that dust up here by Minneapolis, too.


They were lucky in Augusta


We’ll trade…You can have all the snow you want. You haul :wink:

Nice day outside…except the wind. Took the plants back outside and watered.

My inground cauliflower look ok…might not have lost them. We’ll see.

Still lots of rain in forecast…but it’s moving in sooner on Weds now. Hopefully we get some breaks between the downpours. Next weekend should be nice…60Fs…hopefully sun back.


Really stormin’ and blowin’ here. The rain is blowing sideways. We’re under a tornado watch until 9, so will have to keep an eye out. Will be a few days before this dries out and I can get out there and mow and plow.

Been alternating doing the taxes and watching the Masters and seeing Tiger win again. Quite a feat considering he had practically disappeared from the golf world for so long. Not a big fan of him, but it was cool to see him get to celebrate with his kids and Mom.

Now back to the taxes. Ugh. Oh well, ‘good’ weather for it.


That would be a good trade. People around here are so water starved that they’ll take snow, even hail as long as it’s not too big.

You end up with soil and after the hail melts we’ve still got rocks.


Well maybe it’s just the fruit growing gods trying to level the playing field for many of us.


Turned out the weather forecast was off, (thanks, goodness).

We had good and warm yesterday and today. Rain will arrive tonight and stay almost all day tomorrow.


Hit 81 for me today…but dropped to 68 already. Didn’t realize there might have been tornado watches in Kentucky…no sirens were heard by me.

High of 56 tomorrow…so I’ll have to bundle up and put my winter clothes back on!


Wow…a 35 degree drop in six hours! From 81 to 46…with 35 to 38 expected tonight.
(Translation: frost in some spots if the wind dies down.)


Man it’s been a rough winter and now a rough spring. Lots of blowing and drifting snow this winter plus temps around -30f to -35f caused me to be limited to one acess road in and out. Once that let go and the spring melt began some of the previous blocked roads opened up only to wash out my main dirt road on Sunday. Then we got a heavy blizzard on Thursday that drifted my secondary route. At this point it’s almost comical and I feel like I’m playing musical chairs with the way I can travel out. I just smile knowing it’s almost done and it’s about time to start another planting, growing, and harvesting season.


hang in there! its been very bad here too. getting heavy rain right now with still 2ft of snow on the ground and 3ft of ice still locked up in the rivers. when this 1.5in. of rain hits the ice barrier on the rivers, we are certainly going to flood. i feel for the people in my home town as they are in a flood prone area that flooded badly in '08. my brothers place was under 10ft. of water.


Well compared to your brother previous situation I’m living in paradise. Hope all goes fine for you and those in your area.


thanks. the next 36 hrs. will tell.