How is your weather?


Around here it’s a problem of too much water. Wells around here only go down about 60ft and that is the good stuff. A lot of older wells only go down about 25 feet. Excellent water but hard and pH is high.

As we look at the end of April…a very summer? like look to the east.


Starting about this Sat…looks like finally a stretch of 60Fs or better… Should really start blooming out.

In 2017 my apricots were in full bloom today… in 2018 they were covered in snow on this date…


The Great Melt in progress


this was in the morning,about 4"

This is now


You could see the sat loop this afternoon the snow just disappearing as the day went on… Mid April sun just eats it right up. The light reflection off that field must have been insane.

Time sensitive, but this is a big loop of more or less the whole day. Really cool watching that snow disappear across Illinois.


Are we gonna get more snow or this is it??




Highly unlikely at this point…especially with long range models showing everything spring.

I just want my stupid trees to bloom so i can figure out what is dead so i can cut them down.


Lighten up!


Sitting at 35 here a bit after midnight, kinda worried about a freeze here tonight with a lot of blooms out. It’s not supposed to get below freezing, so hopefully it won’t drop too much more.


37 at 4 a.m. for me, Bob. I don’t think that will hurt much. But, early tomato plants and the like, might blacken a few leaves in low-lying locations. / AND strawberries usually get killed by frost if the blooms are wide open.


Oh i really don’t care if they are dead or not. I just want to remove them asap to figure out if i should replant anything. Judging from what i saw yesterday…most things are showing green. The sweet cherry for sure survived…which i find amazing after -30F… I may still remove trees.

I can tell at least one container peach is toast.

Should be near 70F and sunny today. Then rain and then warm back up for the weekend.

Gardenia are happy to be outside. I have 7 pots of them total…overwintered fine inside.


Well, it got to 32.5 here on the hill, so not too bad.

Well, I guess those got fried then, there were lots of strawb blooms open yesterday. Same thing happened last year. We still got a small crop, but that was their first year to produce.

Edit: I did some research just now and open blooms are sensitive at 30 degrees, so they might be okay, but will check for “black eye” blossoms later this week to see how they did.

We don’t have any veggies out yet, other than some onion sets. My wife bought seed potatoes and wanted get them in the ground by Good Friday, but that’s not going to happen, as I haven’t plowed and tilled yet.


one thing good about all our snow as stuff like strawberries are covered until the beg. of may most years. by time they bloom there is no longer killing frosts. its one of the fruits here that will always produce regardless of the weather. can’t say that about fruit trees here. I’ve got 1 apple left. if i lose that its just bush fruit and strawberries from now on.


You’re da man!!! I love gardenia but killed a few over winters. They did not like my dry house. What is your secret to keep them alive and well through your winter (that is even longer than mine).

With your advice, I may try it again. I like the smell of it.


Just going from memory… water about every 2 weeks (they dry quickly). Watch for mites (i gave mine showers). I put mine right in front of south facing sliding glass door…did just fine. I use peat moss+small pine bark chips for soil and then fert often enough during warm months.

They have very shallow root systems so no need for huge pots.

Last summer i just put mine right in full sun. Didn’t seem to bother them any. I did water a lot.

I ordered a pack of them off Ebay last year. Great plants. I’ve had good luck with Ebay tropicals.


Thanks. Would Neem oil spray before going in the house in the fall worked.

I have had mites and scales on my pepper plants this winter. Insecticidal soap did not work.

Sorry everyone for hijacking the thread. I really want to try gardenia again and Rob is so successful with them.


New azaleas got their blooms fried - which I why I don’t like to plant them blooming


You could try neem. I’ve only used it on outside trees. I think if you don’t let them build up to super colonies they aren’t that bad. They mainly just discolor the leaves (plumeria really gets hit by them). Give them a shower in the bathtub and watch their families go down the drain :slight_smile:

62F at noon…beautiful day.