How is your weather?


After 4" of snow melted away, here still standing is my runner bean👍


My fig has been torched from going in and out of the sun. Like torched…it’ll have to grow new leaves. Oops.

Oh…and finches are eating the leaves off my sunflower seedlings…eh! Luckily i have quite a few and they are super fast growing.

Cloudy now.


Spray trazicide outside, let dry then bring in the plants back inside, only thing to kill mites and scale, particularly scale, oh and mealy bugs.


Heaviest rain/storms holding over S Mn lifting north. Some very heavy rains over that way. Just catching the edge of it here. Looks like the Minneapolis area will be under the good stuff soon.

Mildest overnight so far…only dropped to 50F. Left out all my plants.

radar from now… Amazing amount of heavy rain falling across MN this afternoon…


The talk of 3 days of rain appears to be evaporating quickly here now. I looked at the forecast this morning and we were down to 0.12" forecast and 75% POP. Now we are down to 0.03" and 50% PoP.

This is excellent news as I have my Cummins order scheduled for delivery tomorrow! It might be raw on Friday, but I will plant trees anyways. I’ve got 4 that were in pots planted so far, only a dozen more to go. Ha!


I think its not quite over here… although the heaviest (2+ inches) looks to have dropped from Mankato east towards Redwing. Looks like the low is just getting organized some on the visible sat.


80° here today. And only getting hotter in the next few days.


Couldn’t ask for better weather the last couple weeks. mid upper 70’s to 80’s and not much rain. Expecting a bit of a cold snap over the weekend where we’ll hit the 50’s at night, but check out that sunset…


Ugh. So much for looking at the forecast. We ended up with a 30 min downpour as I was coming home from work and got 0.4" of rain. Windy and in the 50’s today and tomorrow.


I saw that Phoenix might be near 100F Friday… Looks to stay hot out there… upper 80Fs and back into the 90Fs next week… a sign of summer.


We “only” ended up with .45…but north of here got hammered so the river is coming right back up (never really having dropped much)… The high river is annoying because it closes a lot of the bike trails so you can’t use them.

This weekend looks very nice…sunny and low 60Fs tomorrow…70F Sat and upper 60Fs Sunday… today sucks. 42F and clouds.


After the weekend’s 5" snow melted, I found an inch of water in my rain tube. That’s wet snow


my sons in Yuma, AZ . said its hotter than hades down there!


got 4 days of rain coming. rivers are broke up. some ice jams but not much flooding. this rain is going to really put a dent in whats left of the snow. lots of snow damage to my trees and bushes. won’t be getting much for a blueberry crop again this year. wish they had a low bush that produced as well as med. and high bush. low bush doesn’t get snow damage.


Looks like some of that heat blows up into these parts late weekend…NWS says this could be a top 10 warmest Easter… strange stuff… back towards reality by Monday/Tues…and rain

a tidbit:
This will be the first time since 1957 that Easter has fallen on
April 21. Since 1873, it has fallen on this date 5 times (1878,
1889, 1935, 1946, and 1957). The next time it will fall on April
21 will be 2030.


Mid 50s on the way to the 60s today. 70s or close to it tomorrow. Way too warm way too soon for me.


82 yesterday in Berea, KY. Tomorrow around 45 for high! Can’t make it s mind up between cold or hot.
Light rain, around 60, rain blowing from east at least at the surface.


I hear you… i’d love weeks and weeks of mid 60Fs to low 70Fs…but that seems to never happen. Averages around here are made from 80Fs and 40Fs…



Wow…hot days and cool nights…those are about the best you can have. Could almost sneak by with no AC in that weather. Reminds me of Colorado in summer.

61F here… very dry air in place.