How is your weather?


Exactly what makes this area one of the top wine growing regions. And you’re right about AC. We only turn it on just before bed, as the stucco keeps the house very cool through most of the day. And no bugs, humidity, or rain for 6 months to boot lol. Yes, we are pretty blessed with climate. If we could just get our housing costs’ under control :slight_smile:


Was quite stormy in your area earlier today, with tornado warnings and the like. Was it bad at your place?

Cool and cloudy here about 60, quite a change from yesterday, about 82 and windy. Supposed to be only 50 tomorrow, with a few showers.


Mid 60s today and a low around 40 tonight. I got my trees sprayed with dormant oil and copper today. Spring must be coming…


raining until thurs. will be spraying after.


Got up to 65f…without the breeze it would have been almost A+…i’ll rate solid A day …

tomorrow we’ll shoot for the A+
Sunny, with a high near 71. Southeast wind 3 to 7 mph.

Lot of bud movement but nothing flowering yet… Saw my first bumblee bee today.


Forecast calling for 75 today. That will obviously feel great, but it is far from great for planting a few hundred evergreens. I think I’ll let them sit in the shade on the north side of the house for now instead. I fear this warm stretch is going to get the fruit trees going.


72 and partly cloudy for N. Utah today, but down to a high of 53 with rain tomorrow. Our snowpack is looking amazingly good after years of drought.


Extended looks very spring likes…lots of 60fs and 70fs…


It has me thinking of putting my tomatoes in the ground


I put my artichokes in the ground (raised bed/south facing)… I also am very tempted to put some sunflowers out…if they don’t make it…oh well.

72F right now…a little more wind then i thought. Still calling for 81F tomorrow…first 80F for me.


72 in Wisconsin and 44 all day in Kentucky…something wrong with that ….


Very warm just west of here… 80Fs in W MN and almost 90F in South Dakota.

Pierre, SD was 43F this morning and they are sitting at 89F…

Still going through trees… apricots are toast…hopefully they at least leaf out. Peaches are throwing leaves but no flowers. Everything else looks good. I’m really impressed by Krymsk 1… those trees look super healthy. My Krymsk 86 …its just a rootstock i let grow into a tree…full of flower buds. Kiwis also are greening up quickly…all of this after -33F… pretty good overall.


Leaves no flowers sounds like a lot of my trees - tho it’s still early to tell with some

At least the trees are still alive


had a really nasty round of weather blow through on Friday…wind gusts hit 60+ and heavy rain, but it moved through quickly…the good news is that on the back side of it we’ve had some great weather…woke up to 50 degrees this morning, highs in the mid-70’s…headed up to Savannah today for a quick trip. Weather looks nice up there too.


It got to 77 here yesterday. Today back to the 50s, which is just fine with me. Down in southern MN, it’s supposed to be almost 80 today.


Four days of rain in a row. This storm track was originally north of us. Buckets of water! No such luck. Buds are about to burst. Hope the rain stops as pollination last year was stopped by rain. Not again please!!!


Yeah…it is very mild this morning. Already in the 60Fs …

First time going into the 80s since October 3rd (today)… only 5th Easter with an 80F temp…so rare. Normal avg first 80F here is April 29th…so a little early.

Looks like rain tomorrow night.

Extended still looks very spring like… should be 60Fs or better all week.


Peaches look like this…

While my sweet cherry looks great…

Bella Gold peacotum…in a container…looks to be the first to probably bloom.


Birds are going to love those cherries.


Prediction changed down to 39 Mon, whereby I only put out the early 4th of July tomato. I can cover them overnite at this stage.