How is your weather?


wow. no 70’s here but almost hit 60f today. :wink:



thats aug. here in a hot summer.


We were in southern MN for Easter today. 86 down there. Got home 3.5 hours later and it was 51. Heck of a difference. Spring is much farther along down there…I’d guess at least a week if not 10 days or two weeks.


@smsmith I think i got a sunburn today.


Our southern relatives were almost all sporting sunburns today :grinning:


My neighbor’s air conditioner is on today


My wife looks like a lobster…i warned her yesterday. Im just mildly burnt.

Hit 85F today… like summer out there. Actually was hiding in the shade.

75F in the house…still a nice crisp 65F in the basement.


52 in my house right now. May have to turn the heat back on before we go to bed


Dropped to 42F briefly this morning as the skies cleared. Beautiful now. Should go back into the 60Fs this afternoon.

Trees have really started to take off. Lots of green showing up

planted tomatoes… probably dumb but i plan on covering them nightly (just a row of them.small plants).


I thought about it, but saw it’s only supposed to get to 40 degrees on Saturday. :grimacing:


Every year I have to talk my wife out of planting tomatoes and peppers too early. I think I finally have her convinced that planting before Memorial Day weekend just isn’t worth the risk.


cold front moved in and dropped us into the low 40’s. supposed to stay that way with rain until the weekend. finally was able to prune the bushes and fertilize. going to spray the next dry spell. my currants and honeyberries are starting to show green in their buds.


I put myself on the list for when these come in…I didn’t think I could grow Honeyberries here but this one says to Zone 9! You must be related! :laughing:


High 60s and low 70s as highs for us here, lows in the mid 40s to low 50s. Sunshine for the next week except for thunderstorms on Friday. I’m Starting to harden off my seedlings, Mother’s Day is considered our safe date for planting here.


41F this morning. 70Fs the next 2 days…60Fs and then this weekend we get smashed in the face with cold air… 46F on Sat… hmmm…i put low tunnel hoops in over my row so i’ll dig out some plastic and cover them late week… i think that’ll work. I


I had a pot over my one inground tomato last nite - will do it again on Sat when it’s supposed to drop into the 30s [which f course it wasn’t predicted to do when I planted it out]

I am not liking this forecast. The low Sat is dropping into the mid-30s now. I may cover the strawberries, just starting to bud


Just looking we might have some snowflakes mixed in on Sat. Lot of precip…over an inch showing on the past few model runs. Sunday would be dry (but not warm) and rain again Monday. Sunday morning is going to be the one to watch me thinks. That could get ugly if it clears out about 8pm Sat night and winds go calm by about midnite or 2am…temps will plummet…although with all the rain on sat that should temper it falling too far…or so one would think.

All of my plants coming in Friday night for the weekend to stay warm…although i might shove my potted sunflowers (1 gallon pots) under the low tunnel with the tomatoes. They should be ok i would think)…


I have found that plants put out a little later grow just as big before long as the ones set out super early. The early ones might grow a while in a warm spell, but invariably it cools down again and the plants just sit there and make you worry about the weather. Don’t stress yourself.


Could need snow shovels somewhere around here.

I think i’m going to pick up some tomatoes from the store. I noticed Home Depot/Menards were loaded with outdoor plants. They are going to be doing some scrambling come Friday.