How is your weather?


Beautiful today in Newport, RI. All sun and in the 60’s, should be about the same tomorrow. Last day to spray before wind and more rain on Saturday!


The six inches is sitting right over me! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. My sour cherry will probably be blooming during that time. I’m not really worried about much else though, daffs and crocus can take the snow. Currants survive anything here it seems like. Nothing else is awake enough to worry me but I really want some dang cherries.


Heaviest looking a little more south this run. Prairie to Madison to Rockford… All depends on where that low tracks.


Not gonna heart THAT!


It said 40s on weekend from Accurweather


Fast moving system…starts Sat morning…so depending on how fast we clear Sat night…and throw in snowcover…temps could really plummet. 20Fs… Sunday looks Dry…rain again monday…then gradual warm up…back to 60Fs or better later next week.


Grab your winter jacket and shovel…it’s coming.




Hot. High 80s, low 90s


I see people still talking about SNOW???
Meanwhile, on the West Coast…


107F today in Death Valley…


it can stay there!


18z GFS looks like more rain north (here) and heavy snow south… Good hit on Madison and a good hit on S Michigan…for heavy snow. Madison needs it. They love snow down there in late April.

I put plastic (cheap roll of menards plastic) over my low tunnel hoops…so my tomats are all covered…i can also throw blankets over them Sat night (i have a huge box full of old blankets for this very purpose)… I do have to figure out the artichokes i planted. Do i cover them (they are still small) or dig them…hmmm…i’ll probably cover them. I could also throw some chrstimas lights in there too for some heat…i still have until Friday night to figure it out…

Potted up a bunch of sugar cane seeds that sprouted.

Rained all day…clear now… tomorrow should be 60F or so…


Interesting, sugar cane has seeds?!


It must. The seeds i had last year were garbage. They sprout super fast if placed on a good heat source.

Lots of wind today but at least the sun is shining.

6z continues to show that far south Wi/S Michigan hit of snow. Sure doesn’t look like any real warmup next week either.


same here. nice to see the sun finally. lots to do in the yard yet…


Summer has arrived.
Tomatoes are flowering, cherries are plumping up, apples have already flowered, and of course citrus blooming like crazy!


Do you grow dragonfruit?

I was watching a vlog video out of Japan a few days ago. They sold some mangoes (grown in southern Japan) for around $5000. It was interesting …they flower in January there in greenhouses. Crazy how early then can get fruit.

Looking at day 10 euro…the whole western USA is under high pressure dome of summer heat. East coast gets a taste of spring chilll. I’m stuck inbetween.

It was up to 80F in the low tunnel with the tomatoes. I’ll probably kill them with heat.

12z GFS looks almost a tad south with the snow. Wi/IL border region looks prime for the snow monster.


I don’t grow Dragonfruit myself, but they are grown in this area as well. My climate unlike closer to the coast can grow many high heat requirement fruits/veg. For example my Wonderfull pomegranate fruited in under 3 years from a 10" tall twig from Dave Wilsons at a local nursery. Poms LOVE hot/dry. That 3 year old Wonderfull is already 12’ tall (after pruning) and expect it to produce 30+ poms in just it’s 4th year coming up. Heat is the great equalizer (as long as it’s not ARZ type heat, which we can get too).


How about olives? I have an olive tree that i keep inside in the winter, and outside summer…i just repotted…still smallish.