How is your weather?


We had 2 inches of snow first Saturday in May (KENTUCKY DERBY) in 1991…so it’s not reaching near that. Which is good


If we had over 3 inches, which it looks like, that would be the record here.

Record low is 29, but I don’t think we got below 30

Stuff is starting to melt, so I’ll be out soon surveying for damage


Some 20Fs across the snowcovered area–although that snow probably helped a lot of plants stay protected.

Wet few days coming up…at least mon-Weds… GFS amts of rain thru thurs…

Just looking at that…the river is going to stay flood stage along the Mississippi for another couple of weeks. Amazing how long the river has been elevated here now. Usually we crest and go down.


We had a cold front move into NC that ended up bringing really crazy winds. Scary crazy. I had an extremely tall branch/scaffold of a large maple get taken down, and it fell on two rows of my orchard!

But it didn’t even knock off a graft :slight_smile: :slight_smile: It definitely thinned my peaches on one scaffold, but I’ll take it.

I’ll need to borrow a chainsaw to be able to mow those rows. Crazy wind!


So sorry, that is horrible~!


As soon as it’s warm enough to plant, it’s too wet to plant


We’re thrilled that it didn’t hurt anything! People had trees hit their houses yet again, tho thankfully none in our neighborhood this time.

All my landscaping trees grow pushed to one side due to our normal winds, so I guess we are just especially windy even before factoring in hurricanes, lol.


Strong winds are the worst! I always lay in bed and wonder what is being tossed around.


We’ve had highs in the low 70s, now we’re headed for lows in the 30s


Winter storm warning out, 6-12" of snow Monday with more on Tues and Wed. Got my potatoes in the ground today ahead of this, and going to park the truck at the bottom of the drive, just in case…



Then more rain

So much for spraying for apple scab


Good weather for ducks…and that is about it. 42F fog/mist/drizzle. Clearing across W Mn but doubt that makes it in here. 79F in Oslo, Norway… Looks warmer in Moscow then here the next week…ugh. It’ll flip though…give it time.

Tues/Weds look the wettest. Hopefully dry late week.

Put all my sunflower seedlings inside the low tunnel. We’ll see how they do in there.


Chance of rain every day but one in the 10 day forecast. One high in the low 60s, the rest in the 40s and 50s.

Pretty typical MN spring weather


We’re into our boring season for the next 6 months, or so. Mid 70’s and sun as far as the eye can see. Yawn…:sunny::sunny::sunglasses::sunglasses:


i wish our weather was that boring. :wink: 32f windy as hell! cool and dry in the mid 40’s all week. time to spray the dormant oil and graft.


seems like you guys got the rain this spring. we had some but not a lot. most the snow is gone except some banks and in the woods. cooler than average. still in upper 20’s at night so trees/ bushes are slow to leaf out. currants are about to leaf but honey berries are still dormant. looks like ill be eating peppers before i can put them outside. they are full size ripening now under my grow lights. got a doz. blackberries developing on my dwarf blackberry in there also. the oscillating fan was a good pollinator. :wink:


I know it sounds crazy, but you actually miss some weather variability being in such a stable climate. I’ve experienced 2 thunderstorms in the 5+ years of living here. Boring! lol
Here’s the basic forecast for the next 6 months. With the exception of some +100° spikes thrown in for good measure.


my sons in yuma, AZ and the weather there is very stable as well. its either hot as hades or tolerable and very dry. he misses our dramatic weather here also. at least stable weather gives you the luxury of growing almost anything .


Very low insect problems. Or humidity related issues.
Looks like the pattern continues for May at least.


Mid 70s, mostly sunny and windy today, after we got some heavy rain Friday and a bit yesterday. Might get into the upper 80s midweek. Looks like our freezes are done, fingers crossed. If it stays dry this week, I’ll disk the plowed up garden plots.

My wife planted out some tomatoes yesterday, the coolness this morning and the wind might stress them out a bit. We did harden them off last week though, so they should be okay. More are growing more in little pots in the deck along with onions. Have a bunch more 'maters growing inside, need to put a bunch in to cups soon, getting too big for the planter.