How is your weather?


Going to get a late day high temp. Clouds/drizzle all day and then around 430 the clouds parted and it has been full sunshine the past hour or so…hmmmm… rain back for tomorrow afternoon/evening.


Sun today with a breeze didn’t get above 52 during the day. The ground is so moist after all of the rain and more to come for the next two days. I’m so afraid my pollination will get skunked again. That’s what’s happening in my neck of the woods!


the storms hitting you are hitting s. maine but missing us up north. some years we get wet springs as bad as you.


82 where I was today…wading water…barefoot…and getting paid for it.


We had the 2nd earthquake I’ve felt in a month in my area of NC!

Just a 2.3 but it was a quite noticeable thump being right on top of it! Yep, I’m practically in view of the epicenter this time, lol.

Hardy anyone in town felt this one, though. It was really quick. More of a huge thump with vibration than a rumbling. Just a rumb :wink:


Shouldn’t get out of the 40Fs today… Friday/Sat looking better… Sat now has a good shot at 70F or a little above.

2nd week of May…nothing warm up here…cold out in the plains. Southeast stays very warm.

Maybe 2nd half of May will show some summer ///maybe not.


Accuweather long range showing nothing above 72 for the month of May, and only a couple days that high. Most highs in the 60s. Pretty much “average”


I believe our 80’s are above average…although it didn’t hit 60 … was it Friday or…I forgot already. 82 yesterday 84 tomorrow.


Normal here…


Lol. A 2.3? Here in Cali we literally don’t notice anything below a 3. Guess they are rarer for you, and you’re more sensitive to it.


I am, lol! It’s a weird feeling! And I live on a huge rock that picks up those sensations very well.


It’s all that snow melting…

Just some very light rain here…everything heavy staying far south.


That’s crazy! I don’t know why ours is ‘active’. Two earthquakes in a month here is extremely rare.

I’m on the epicenter of one, so hopefully nothing major, lol. I’m sure not, of course, but I just never expected to be living on any earthquake epicenter! It’s NC! :slight_smile:


My sister was out there (S california) in the late 80’s thru the mid 90s…i think she lived thru a few decent quakes. Whatever one it was i remember they all ran out of the house because stuff was falling. When we were out there visiting her i remember there was a 4.5 or something and i never noticed anything. Don’t the birds get quiet before big quakes? I thought i remember her saying something like that. Who knows.

Friday thru Tues looks like a nice stretch for us. Still haven’t had any strawberries bloom. I hacked back a bunch of dead branches on my big apricot (puget gold) but it is still alive and i see a lot of new buds wanting to emerge from the bigger branches but they need winter jackets in this chill.


we have them here in Maine also but like you, they are rare. when i was a kid we had a 4 on a winter sunday morning. i remember stuff falling out of the cupboards and the top of the snow " jumping"!





Downtown Davenport flooded this afternoon when that levee collapsed about 2:30.