How is your weather?


sunny and in the upper 60’s finally. supposed to hit 76f tom. our first 70+ temp this year. time to do some grafting.


Mid 60’s…nice in KY.


Couple inches of snow tomorrow night/Thursday a.m. and a low around 30. With any luck that’ll be our last frost of the spring.


So sorry to hear that!


we have had frosts up to the 1st week of june here.


Frosts the week leading up to Memorial Day are common here. I’m pretty sure there’s been frost in this part of central MN every month of the year historically.


Probably definitely 1896?


That could be, I’d have to dig to find out.

Highs of 44 and 49 today and tomorrow.


chilly here too. highs in the mid 40’s.


85 here in KY today…then 70’s for a few days (and I’ll be glad about that…).
Rain and then cooler seems to be the consensus beginning tomorrow.


Summer or hints of summer should be up here next week.


No words…

This is why I haven’t put out mulch yet…just one day in a series…


It’s 45F and has been raining all day. Probably well over an inch of precip here so far. Just ugly.

THE good news is that the 12z GFS says get out your thongs because early summer weather is right around the corner. Lots of 70Fs and 80Fs.

Planting out my sugarcane this weekend…


Don’t want no 80s


One day in the 70s in our ten day forecast, everything else in the 50s and 60s.

Rained all day here and it’s still raining. I don’t have the gauge out yet (dumb), but if we haven’t got close to an inch I’d be surprised. It can stop now


I think we are going to get some heat in here but nothing record breaking.

Just over an inch of rain here. Looks like its done now but man what a gloomy day.


It’s been snowing pretty good for the last hour or so. The ground is white. It can stop


Still its beautiful!


Thank you MrsG. At least we are on a hill and it does drain. Not suppose to rain today and starts back tomorrow. Every one of us has our time of just throwing up our hands!!! Lol


In the middle of MAY?? No, I don’t think beautiful is the word I’d choose :rofl: