How is your weather?


It is raining and cold in upper40s. More rain in the forecast. Ground is already saturated, I am worried the trees can’t take it any more and start the root rot


Same here…it has been a mix of sun and clouds but windy and chilly…and we did have a few sprinkles with a couple of the darker clouds.

Next week looks MUCH warmer… should be in 80Fs by late week.


Clouds clouds clouds…s.tarted the day nice and su nny but that didn’t last long.


Today’s high is 74, low of 51. A beautiful, sunny day! I need to go do some work in my berry patch and check my bees we hived to see if they have released the queens and enjoy the sunshine.


A high of 40F today. Makes me a bit nervous about tonight’s temps, my Colette is ready to bloom, but holding tight because of our continuous cool temps. Starting to look like it will be in bloom while I’m gone. Looks like temps begin to warm up the day we leave. I still have veg starts in the grow box because the nights are too cold for the little portable cold frame I have.


We did manage to break into sun but only seeing 61F or so… Not a bad day…beats rain i guess. Still looks like California warmth will be heading this way late week.

I swear the seed that comes up in my garden is growing faster then the transplants i put in… I really have to use low tunnels more… My sunflowers in 1 gallon pots that i’ve kept in my low tunnel are growing excellent and need to be put into the ground.


same here . i want to up pot my peppers and put in the greenhouse but afraid to shock them with our 30’s nights lows.


We had two and a half days of sun in Newport, RI allowing for the rest of the plums, all of the peaches to be a buzz with various types of bees. Didn’t see any honey bees, but the first mason bees were out this past week. Now again 4 days of rain in a row or cloudiness (pretty much rain). The apples are now starting to open and they will be in time for sun this coming Thursday, which will only last for maybe three days but the temps will jump up to six 70 degrees F. Hottest this year! I expect buckets of plums. Bought extra Surround, just in case the curcs are crazy this year. My cello bags, thank you Mamuang; arrived Saturday. They are in the potting shed waiting to be unboxed. So excited. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I always have to cut ny bread vags to size. Never ready out of the box !!


Trough out west/ridge in the east…should be a mild//above norm temps to finish out the month…


Models still showing 80Fs moving in late week…Next weekend could be iffy though…a warm front is somewhere in the area===so rain is a good bet…could actually feel like summer…with dews probably going into the 60Fs…


Managed 70F this afternoon even with some dark clouds earlier in the day. Beautiful evening. Very calm and skies have cleared…should easily drop back in the 40Fs…

Warm up should start Weds…with dews increasing late week. GFS has dew points in the upper 60Fs both Thurs and Sat…should feel summery. Cooler next week.

Spring has sprung.


70 today and about that tomorrow. Then back to highs in the 40s, 50s, and 60s for the 10 day


73F here this afternoon…very nice. This coming weekend looks very wet and maybe not so warm… Weds/Thurs both look near 80F…


45f and raining . got a few inches of snow overnight but the rain melted it. we are running 15 deg below average this spring. not even thinking of planting veggies yet. might be july before i can put out my peppers!


We have had some beautiful, warm weather but we are headed for cool and rainy over the weekend.


The rain is coming this weekend for us…looking a given at this point. GFS shows a good amount. May make a run at 80F today and for sure tomorrow (mid 80Fs?) …then back into the 60fs …

I planted out a bunch of sunflowers i had grown out from seed. They were all root bound in the 1 gallon pots.

Got rid of 2 more potted trees (white peach and one other…both were dead)…not replacing–maybe borers got them or just didn’t like winter. Trying to thin container trees.

I also might have a dead spruce that i planted about 6 years ago…weird because it was my best growing spruce (i have 6) …all the other ones all have new green growth…this one has none :frowning:




[gloom] more rain


Rain stopped. Now we’re down to sprinkles. Ditto on the gloom!