How is your weather?


Got a little over .1" in a fast moving t-storm last night. Sounds like we’ll get plenty more over the weekend. No 70’s in the 10 day forecast, but plenty of 40s and 50s. That should keep the fruit trees at the slowest growth I think I’ve ever seen. If my Court Pendu Plat blooms this year, it will almost certainly be in June.


That is here right now…been lightning and pouring the last hour… Hopefully it lets up here or there are going to be some wet soggy kids :slight_smile:


same here. everything is stuck at bud break for 2 weeks now.


Has been chilly here the last couple of mornings, 41 yesterday, and 46 this morning. But, 80s are coming in a day or so. Supposed to rain overnight, hope it doesn’t so I can get some things planted tomorrow.


Looking cool and wet for my area. I’ll take it, I hate having to turn on the AC.


Had just over an inch of rain earlier…sun came out and its now nearing 80F with dews in the 60Fs…feeling quite summerish out there. Shouldn’t last long. Cold should move thru today…


Kind of depressing, I guess you can’t control the weather. May have to turn the heat back on this weekend.


almost exactly the same as our forecast. hell of a spring after a very long winter. :frowning:


84F here late this afternoon…had to have AC on in car. Good that its is cooling off because the house was really warm. There is an American toad by my little backyard pond that has been calling out all evening.

Little warm…but it really should have kicked started the plants growth.

Can see the heat really built into the north today before the cold front moved thru…95F in Omaha…yikes


Cold n rainy all week,after a week at 80.


Omaha broke an all time record high of 95 degrees yesterday 5-16-19. It may be an early sign for a hot summer!


My wife was in St. Paul yesterday and said it was in the mid 80s. It didn’t break 65 here. Sunny and mid 60s in May is quite pleasant. Sunny and mid 80s in May is really hot (for here anyway)


All the rain has certainly got the plants growing - it’s GREEN out there!

OF course, “plants” includes weeds


In central MA, have not had any day with temp as high as 70 F yet. Colder and rainier spring than we are used to.

In fact, yesterday Boston almost broke the record of the lowest high temp of the day. It was 48 F for the high and the record was 47 F.


I’m happy with Kentucky weather so far, including the nice shower last night…with a bit of thunder.



A very bizarre, and wintery like pattern has kicked in here on the West Coast. Upper 60’s and RAIN!!!


Looks like we are in for a cloudy and rainy week here. How rainy seems to be undecided at this point.

A neighbor sent this link, which although a bit sensational is indicating that we may be in for a wild weather ride this coming week. Who know if it will come to pass, but first indications (at least for my locale) seem to be in line with what he’s predicting.


When you have 24/7 channels with nothing to talk about but the weather…they think up lots of “exciting” stuff and pretend it’s newsworthy. Really, a weather channel should be a weather channel, not anything more. (Not a ‘the earth is melting’ channel. Not, a hope they find something on the President so they can run him from office channel. Not a channel that takes the multi-colored refraction of light following a rain and applies it to people. You get my drift.)


I do worry that last year’s 180% of normal rainfall will turn into 50% of normal this year though.