How is your weather?


Looking at about 1.5 to 2 inches of rain over the weekend…

Extended looks pretty mid to late May to me … looks warmish in the long range but it is nearing June so 80F aren’t that crazy. Just hope to hold off on needing AC as long as possible.

This is what the NAEFS thinks of the lasts week of May… Looks like we keep the trough out west and the ridge (hot hot hot) in the east.


Down around the Quad Cities, they’ve been drenched, and more still moving thru


Damn, thats hot this early, even for you guys!


we’ve had 1 and 1 60f. in the low 50’s today with more rain for the next 4 days. my brother in CT says he’s moving to florida! he hates the cold!im afraid to put out any veggies outside as they’ll rot in the ground.


More rain today and it was predicted to be sunny most of the day. Rain, and more rain!!


Haven’t seen this for a long time…


Got an inch of rain overnight and another inch or so in the forecast for today through tomorrow. Good timing for my newly planted grafts as well as the evergreens I planted earlier this year.


i just put out some cascade gold raspberries and arctic raspberries that are leafed out. they should have plenty of time to harden off and put down new roots before we get sun and warmer weather here. everything greening up but growing very slowly. once we hit 70’s its going to take off!



So… Much… Rain…



Just a tenth of an inch earlier…been dry but the wind has been howling out of the east (brrr) and its sitting at 56F… Calling for 70F today…


They can call for 80, but that doesn’t make it come


It didn’t come close. 61F or 62F maybe was the best we did…it was dry most of the day so that is good but the tstorms are almost here…

Snow is a chance in parts of N Minnesota/WI… mid may? hmmm…
The main area of concern for
snow will be the Twin Ports area, south along the I35 Corridor,
eastern Aitkin County into far northwest Wisconsin. We have snow
accumulation of a slushy few tenths of an inch to nearly 2 inches.


Quite a roller coaster this week


1.5 inches of rain…still coming down lightly… pressure is on the rise so the low is moving away from us …

snow fog reported right now in Duluth, mn…35F.

The desert southwest also stays very chilly:
Phoenix is forecast to reach a high of just 75 on Monday compared to the normal high of 96 degrees. As a comparison, the record cool high for Monday is just 72.


We also are running a good 20° below normal. Also getting exceptionally rare rain for this late in the month. Bizarre.



This doesn’t seem normal.

Up to 6" of snow fell in parts of MN and WI Saturday night into Sunday.

snowfall totals:

5.9" Poplar WI, 5.8" Wentworth WI, 5" Brunett WI and Blueberry WI, 4.5" Foxburo WI, 4" Ouly WI. Duluth officially recorded 2.4" of snow, bringing the monthly total to 13.3" and the season total to 106.8", which is 20.7" above average. The 2.4" was not only a daily record for Duluth but was 12 times the perious record high snowfall for the date.

42F here this morning…sun is out and the wind is blowing hard out of the NW…more rain (!) tomorrow…Should be in the 80Fs late week…the roller coaster continues.


Record not-normal

It’s turning into a not-growing season